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  1. Exactly. If I smoke an NC the clothes I was wearing need to go right to the wash as they will reek for days. Meanwhile if it was a CC I can smell the shirt a couple hours later and it doesn’t smell. In the winter I smoke in my basement. I can’t smoke NC’s down there as it will smell god awful for days but Cubans the smell isn’t bad and is gone quickly.
  2. Not only do they smell more pleasant they taste a hell of a lot better and my clothes don’t stink after like they do with non Cubans.
  3. You do know they are frozen before export and that beetle hole would have more than likely happened prior to leaving Cuba right?
  4. Agreed but at the same time Cuba F's up everything. Just look at the cigars shipped missing bands. How does that make it through QC? lmao
  5. Please! This is Cuba we’re talking about. This shit happens all the time. I’ve had Petit Royales from FOH show up as Mille Fleurs in the authenticity check when showing a friend how it works. ?
  6. If you’re not slobbering then what humidity are you keeping them at? swelling is from too much moisture(saliva or other kinds lol).
  7. Por Larranaga Montecarlo is a perfect example. SLOOOOW infrequent draws seem to bring out the most flavor.
  8. Regular humidor has an Oasis Two tupperdores - one is boveda packs and the other heartfelt beads. After using beads and boveda packs for years I'd never buy another oasis.
  9. Well technical from my experience desktop humidors even the nice expensive ones are no where near as efficient at maintaining humidity.
  10. Yup I keep cedar trays in one box for the loose cigars the rest are kept in the boxes, plus I reuse some boxes for lose cigars too. Also the cedar sheets from boxes all go in the bottom of my boxes as well.
  11. Unless some how the coronavirus peters out between now and then I doubt there will be a season. If it's anything like the spanish flu it will die down during the summer and explode back up again in the fall/winter.

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