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  1. Hope everyone enjoys a good laugh. Did my best with the low resolution images pulled from FOH videos and a spitbucket video. Here is Prez as Jack Sparrow .... Bruce Lee and Rambo... reface-2021-03-08-08-16-37.mp4 reface-2021-03-08-08-16-08.mp4 reface-2021-03-08-08-14-42.mp4
  2. I'd like to be a fly on the wall during your convos with Hamlet....seems like a very colourful and interesting dude
  3. I see Jason Statham has joined this review. Looking good Ken!
  4. Great book. See attached Enjoy El Lector A History of the Cigar Factory Reader (Llilas Translations from Latin America Series) by Araceli Tinajero.pdf
  5. I wonder if Bruce and Obama will have Ken on as a guest. Now that's a podcast I would listen too!
  6. Found you a podcast Ken
  7. Bijan I want to be your rug.....the amount of quality cigars that have been laid upon that carpet hahaha
  8. What a bummer! That sucks Ken. Remind me a my own story of almost meeting a famous person but at the last second it fell apart. I was doing a euro trip with a close friend who I see as a brother. On the tour we took a break from student hostels and booze filled nights chasing easy women and we stayed with my friend mom's aunt, older sweet lady in Rome. Her husband had passed away in a house fire sadly but he had been a high ranking police officer in Rome, when we decided to stay with her she insisted that through her connections we should meet the pope! When we got the offer I almost burst out laughing I don't believe in organized religion but grew up in a catholic household. I thought my friend was lying but sure enough we had to email a copy of my baptismal certificate and other documentation. The pope once a month has a get together and we were getting invited. I thought this was going to be one hell of a story to tell the grandkids I got to go booze with the pope sadly 2 weeks before he cancelled since he was going to extend his vacation in a villa in some part of Italy. Thankfully the women of Rome were very good at distracting me from my miseries. That trip overall was one hell of an experience, for all of you single and under 30 members on the forum for the love of God go visit ios Greece. The debauchery that takes place there is [email protected] go visit! You will thank me later.
  9. The "Jersey Disgarce" is what this lawyer called him....
  10. I want the portuguese regional !!! I emailed the shops in Lisbon in november and they had no news about it.
  11. It seems to be an excellent option I was stuck between one of these and a Avallo humidor that's temp controlled. At the end of the day I chose the Avallo for the craftsmanship. I'm in queue and it will take about 10 months before I get it but I don't mind.
  12. This thread needs a 19+ requirement. Cigar Porn at its finest
  13. Was able to purchase the Partagas P1 Jar it's my favourite Jar! It will live on top of my Avallo Humidor that's being built. It will be used to dry box cigars. It's empty btw....
  14. I would love to hear Rob's pirate approach to accounting and income tax consulting.... Saw this today during my drive here in Canada.
  15. His arm still has power...until his arm goes limp like like peyton manning he plays on
  16. We need a live reaction from Prez at half time lol

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