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  1. find yourself a busty hygienist really helps calms the nerves and removes all phobias! hahaa ?
  2. Someone needs to tell Di that Prez might be a little bit under the weather Monday lol ....cancel all meetings!
  3. Going to make some chili and wings enjoy some cold beer and grumble at the TV when my prop bets are not going well. Going to enjoy the game alone, the wife will watch the first half until the half time show and then complain the game is too long. Sadly no cigars it's too cold at the moment but if I could I would enjoy a trini fundadores! My projection is that Chiefs win it. Sorry Prez. First quarter will be slow with teams feeling each other out and then it will open up. Chiefs win by 10
  4. What do you think of this new packaging? It's essentially take away food packaging for these cigars. Terribly tacky in my opinion..... NCs are going the opposite directions of Cubans which are trying to up their packaging game...
  5. The big guys manipulate markets all the time. Here's an of Coke's biggest expenses is aluminum for the pop can. So Coke starts buying up aluminum and stockpiling it over a large period of time. Than they flood the market with cheap aluminum bringing the market price down considerably and than they buy way more aluminum and a considerably cheaper price. Straight up market manipulation and surprise surprise nothing happened to them. This happens constantly, just this time the big player got caught with his pants down and they are crying wolf. Boohoo hedge funds boohoo
  6. Ultimate professional .... willing to go the extra mile.... I agree @El Presidente
  7. Compra na Espana meu amigo, se calhar vai ser o tua opcao mais facil. Agreed with @JohnS a quick drive across the border to Spain is a great option.
  8. I didn't know this was a course... Anyone do the course? H and F have a 200 question quiz if you get a 75% you pass and gain your masters of havana cigars.
  9. Give your NCs to those people that come visit you and you don't like them When you go CC you never go back
  10. Everyone has one special cigar in their humidor. Post pics of your special cigar and answer the following questions.... What is the cigar? Why is it significant? How did you obtain this cigar? When are you planning on smoking it? So the Cigar is a Punch - Double Corona from June 1987 Why is it significant to me? It's from the year I was born. I obtained it from a guy on FOH. Sadly he's not active on here anymore but great guy. I plan on smoking it in December of 2044 when I retire. Here's some photos....
  11. I wonder how the fish taste. Di wasn't around when they were "Donated" hmmm interesting indeed. I'm sure the Vietmanese restaurant has a big smile when Rob comes to visit! Partagas cigars are a nice change of pace cigar for me. I have D4's and Shorts, will need to try the 898s. Is there a big difference between Lusi's and 898s?
  12. Smoking in the bathroom reminds me of my University days Jamaican hotboxing the bathroom.
  13. You are correct in November of 2019 was when the El Laguito code changed from UAO to MAR
  14. Just an update on the workload Matt has. I just put in an order for a 2000 Cooled edition today. He has about 30 humidors ahead of mine and it could take 8-12 months. I don't mind waiting as long as it's done right. Just a heads up gents be prepared to wait!
  15. P1 all day. It's stunning. That jar will live on top of my avallo humidor that i'm ordering... along side hopefully of a photo from a future trip to Cuba where I get to meet most of you gents.
  16. Quite enjoying the mandalorian also the F1 series on netflix the latest season was excellent.
  17. This is why I want my cabinet humidor to not have a glass front door. So that I don't have to deal with cigar moochers when they visit. All of a sudden every guy that's over is a big cigar guy even though they can't name a cuban brand beyond Cohiba.....I'm happy to share with those that appreciate a good smoke but those are few and far between in my circle of friends.

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