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  1. Horse: ...You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around.... Dog: ...that’s what it’s all about.
  2. MoeFOH - what you picked up is very similar to a Weber Smokey Bullet, same principles apply. Check out this site for Bullet owners which has lots of tips.
  3. Yes, it does but for Texas it’s near mandatory. Had a 69’ Stingray at one time, but the 63’ Split would win out for me.
  4. MASH for me. I had Betamax tapes full of episodes for binge watching, way back when.
  5. Torn between Zeppelin I, Zeppelin IV, and Dark Side of the Moon. Went to the vinyl collection to view the shape of the LP's and landed on one. I've two copies of Zeppelin I, two Dark side, and three Zeppelin IV - one of which was my original. The grooves on that copy are so worn it will just barely track. Given wear should represent listens -- ding, ding, ding - the winner is Led Zeppelin IV.
  6. More than I will ever smoke in my lifetime and growing - 2K+. It'll make my son happy some day. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one who tracks them to the stick in a spreadsheet or other vehicle.
  7. Meat polygamist here.... when smoking meats it’s pork butt (shoulder) and brisket, with an occasional pork or beef tenderloin for grins. When grilling it’s ribeyes, filets, bacon-wrapped pork filets, or marinated beef skirt. Beef would be my favorite of the two.
  8. I suspect poll responses may fall along generational lines.....Given my age I got to see Sabbath in '75 with Brownsville Station. For all the old guys with old memories, had to go with Black Sabbath. And as @Islandboy said, "Never considered them “metal”, wasn’t even a thing then."
  9. Ditto - As much as possible, I prefer mine in the nude....

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