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  1. I have been to cigars on 6th. Great spot, nice guys. I recently went to Churchill's their prices are very high for cigars. So bring your own. But the drinks are good. Nice spot
  2. People just forget how cheap the club ra was at the time and now thinking shoot. I should of picked up more. I’m still sitting on a box. I haven’t touched. Off topic but i think it’s the same with the topes. Boxes that were selling in the 200-300 now going for 500-700 in about a year of time.
  3. Smoked this on Sunday. An absolute gem on a 70 degree day in PA in January. This cigar and box, every cigar has truly impressed me. Glad i took it deep on the auctions and picked up another box.
  4. Biggest premium cigar I have smoked has been a Monte #2 GR, smoked 2 father's day ago with my brother and by far one of the best cigars I've ever had. Hands Down
  5. Also felt they probably could of used some other actors and it would of been better, still should of cut it short. He def reached with the talent he had, at this point in their careers. Honestly Casino and Departed will go down as his best films ever.
  6. I did not think this was his best movie at all. At times i fell asleep. The whole de aging thing was totally distracting. I felt the story line at times was ok. But it was just too long. Also the ending i felt was horrible. Just my opinion. But i was expecting better
  7. I also would not trust those boveda bulters. They suck
  8. Well I would tell you to start by checking the actually temp and RH in the unit. Maybe then check the seal? If your cigars are bitter it might sound like a temp issue. Have you called Matt?
  9. I always think I have more then I count how many boxes I have an do the math never close. I might actually go through my humidor tonight and try organizing.
  10. will we see those special cigars for the sampler during the week?
  11. Its never too late to get rid of the nemesis! I deal with the same routine!
  12. i don't mind the foot band. Protecting the sticks from having cracked feet is a good idea.
  13. Why does he have to be a instagram cigar celebrity wannabe? He owns a LCDH, And obviously it prompted you to ask about the cigar because you might have interest.
  14. This is what has been stated to be released this year. They flip flop GR to Reserva. I would imagine priced similar to the H. Upmann #2, in the beginning, whenever they actually do come out. I don't see them going for what the cohiba reserva is going for.
  15. Notes from the Festival this year look like bolivar is coming out with the Belicoso Finos in the reserva beyond excited for this stick!
  16. nothing like a nice big stick in your mouth ???
  17. i think i have 5 left, have no interest in smoking them. I would get rid of them
  18. I haven't dry boxed. I am in a position now that all my sticks are smoking real good. I am actually liking them more at 66-68 then 65 and below. I will have to see what happens when I get matt's Unit in.
  19. I noticed in my basement, now in the summer my aristocrat humidity usually rises. My basement stays around 68 degrees. Usually were I like it. But my humidity it around 68% My unit hasnt ran in 3 months. Once winter comes it runs like a beast. Could just be a the change in temp. Where are you located?
  20. even with the cooled and humidity system you are still using beads? I thought they were designed to not use them. I ordered my unit in July. I just feel like he is in over his head with units. Too take work and not stick to a actual time frame is bad business. What he should do, is have more of a social media presence. And have a date, were he says taking orders for Avallo's to be on a 12 week time line accepting 10 orders. And then dont take any for 3-4 months so he can build them. He told me 12 weeks. And I am seeing the average is like 20+
  21. note to self, never ask Ken a question, unless you want to be put to sleep!

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