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  1. 10 damn months is just nuts. I think he builds 1 a month at that rate.
  2. If you want you can always change the tape used for the seal. He uses this cheap foam stuff. It's ok. Right now my humidor has been pretty steady at 66-67 mainly because its in the basement.
  3. I don't know off the top of my head the dimensions. But I mean they are very similar. Could of been way I had my aristocrat. I like the unit. But it takes way too long. If I had to do it over. I would get one of those Chinese Humidor Racing something along those lines. You can get two for the same price which are temp controlled and humidity controlled
  4. Not sure if anyone caught the episode but coach on the chargers was caught smoking a la Trova
  5. Double bag, 24 fridge, 48 into freezer, 24 fridge, take bags off, wrap in a towel until room temp. Everyone is going to have their own method. Just pick one that's in the middle
  6. beautiful box! I just found my box only have 7 left.
  7. I think I may have about 5 boxes of the Esmeralda. And 2 of the Topes. I feel the Topes are out there right now. Pres has been running them mostly every Thursday.
  8. This is funny but so true. A friend of mine told me about them. So i have a bunch of people who sometimes go through my snacks on my desk. Needless to say. I had about 3 of them all on the shitter in pain
  9. Was on 24:24 last night. Just have to be patient. Buying cigars is not a race its a marathon
  10. I've said this on Pres video post about the Esmeralda. Stock up. They are cheap now they will be siglo 6 prices soon. Its hands down better then the siglo 6
  11. I was able to smoke one playing golf and I was like wow this is an incredible cigar. Shortly after, I saw a box come up. Very nice dark red lacquer box. I think I smoked 2 more have been awesome. Haven't seen another box since then. Been over a year.
  12. They have always been a great cigar, but over the past 3 years they have come out with some spectacular stuff. Topes, La Trova, Esmeralda, Reyes I can keep going
  13. No thats a beetle hole. Not a wood mite. Most likely dead. Like Prez said if it were to be alive. Then you would have more problems then that one hole.
  14. I notice in my avallo that when summer time comes my humidity raises. My unit actually doesn't turn on often at all, just the fans for 10 min an hour. My Aristocrat did the same as well. I think i read somewhere before someone using cat litter.
  15. I don't think it's a hard pass. There is value in purchasing the EL. All depends on how you look at it. RA had the 2015 Limitida, Which were very well priced, did very well and they are an excellent smoke. And I just saw a couple of auctions on Bond go for 250+ and there is one up now at $260.00...Personally I think the branding they are doing by creating new sizes, new boxes. I think its all great for Habanos. It's going to evolve. If you don't wish to smoke it, don't worry. Don't spend the extra money, it seems the trend now is for the brand to produce production sticks in the same size eventually.
  16. It's funny to think you say well 12-13 ahead of me. It's almost like moving in slow motion. Me personally I feel there can be a bigger name making these with the same quality if not better, quicker. My first unit, from bob my wife flipped out. I had it in my dining room. Said it has to go in the basement. Which was ok. I finished my basement. Then I said it was time for a upgrade because I was running out of room. I'm happy I went with this unit. The ddd tall would of been maybe too tall for my basement. I feel this is a good size. The one thing I will say. And this takes nothing away from Matt. Bob for sure produces a better unit. Having both. Bob's just feels more sturdy. Heavier(in a good way) The draws are nicer in bob's. Matts humidification unit is by far much better then Bob's. I will say that much. I actually have to organize mine soon.
  17. I have a Project Carbon case. I like the design. But the one thing I do not like about it, is that it doesn't stay square meaning there is no strength to the leather. I felt the same way about my PJ case. PJ case uses by far the best leather. I am curious about the winston case I like the idea of having the extra room, but reality is. I dont have 10 friends to share cigars with lol
  18. I don't have any additional photos of it. But it has been maintaining roughly 65% humidity since I've had it. I am very happy with the unit. It stays in my basement so it doesn't go over 68 in temp.
  19. Really a shame for Alex. I feel Red Bull had a great strategy with changing the tires. If he was a bit more patient. He could of over taken Hamilton easily. But he put himself in that position. He could of challenged for first. But who is to say if the car would of been able to handle that since it failed with 2 laps to go
  20. I say this now and have said this before. Stock up on these. These rival the siglo 6 and now are a fraction of the cost. Any box I can find I scoop up

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