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  1. Man! To spend $6900 is tough, there product is so expensive. I think that is more then double then bob's unit. I tell you Bob could be making so many more. Its a shame someone couldn't replace him. I am very happy with the unit I just purchased tho. Humidity is holding very well(running bob's unit) 66 bottom to 64 top. Steady and all day long also the other thing I don't like with their humidors, solid wood shelves. No air flow in between.
  2. Top lid is just for storage. Lighters, cutters, stuff my son can’t reach if he decided to get into it. Right now i been running the unit for humidity only. Bottom is about 66. Top is 64. Perfect for me. Smooth and quiet. It stays in my basement. My basement varies between 67-68 all year. I’ve never needed temp controlled.
  3. this would be smaller then my avallo. Bigger then the Aristocrat. I have about 50 boxes in now. Probably could fit 100-125 in there.
  4. Depends on the boxes. At one point i think i had 140 in there with plenty room to go
  5. Take a look at the post i just made recently with my new humidor. Having had a Avallo. Vs the one i just purchased. Hands down Avallo is made like shit compared. It’s not sturdy. The fit and finish is no where close to being on the same playing field. And waiting over a year is just crazy.
  6. I think everyone has experienced that. I think he is too over whelmed with orders. If you see my other post I ordered another unit, which I believe is much nicer and done in a quarter of the time. Also shipped from UK to USA
  7. Good evening all. The time has come my new humidor has been built and will be arriving shortly. I intend to update this as i receive and well of course set it up. Background. I had an aristocrat by Bob outgrew it. Decided to upgrade to an Avallo by Matt. And then sold that. I was never a fan of my Avallo. I felt like it was a big downgrade from My Aristocrat. And well just took to long to get. This unit. Took approx 4 months. The builder is located in Europe. I am in United States. Builder is Charles. By thevaultwoodworks that’s his IG. He is very responsive. His work is amazing. I really wanted something custom built. By someone, his pricing is very fair. Also considering it’s being shipped half way around the world. I looked at another unit by someone in Canada. Also on IG and well I couldn’t see past the 10k he was asking for a unit. But anyhow i will post progress photos here and then update once i receive the unit. Please feel free to ask any questions. I always read the forums and look for humidor builders so maybe someone else is doing the same. dimenisons: 54in(H) 30in(w) 30in(d) i will be installing bobs humidification unit inside
  8. I've never had good luck with any of these digital wifi units.
  9. 2nd one is a deal! Hard enough to find one, seem like they are in good condition.
  10. Honestly i wouldn’t do the trade. Better off keeping what he has. Also smoke them. Sure holding onto stuff is great but damn cigars were rolled to smoke.
  11. Question guys. I been looking through a couple of boxes of San cristobal LCDH 20th anni. The treasure chest. I’ve run multiple box code serial codes and they all come as the Cuba regional San cristobal. Has anyone come across this too?
  12. I love the Esmeralda... Stocked up pretty good on those. love the size, best contender to the Siglo 6
  13. beautiful unit my friend, enjoy it!
  14. Good luck, I am thinking it will be over a year till you get it.
  15. Crazy that its been a year.
  16. Looks great, I really like the idea of the in wall. I would love to see pictures when you install. Only hold up would be depth for me. Hard to store boxes in there.
  17. Had a Aristocrat, Then when Bob retired from cabinet making. I purchased an Avallo. There is a huge gap in Quality between the two and probably even worse communication. I was given the time line of 5 months. And it ended up taking 9. Most people say its ok I can wait. But reality is when someone has your money(well half) you want what you are paying for. Matt has a pretty impressive system for his humidity control. Although the canisters are kind of lame looking they work. And you had to put Velcro under to hold them in place. I had one spill over my bottom row. I did a write up thread on it on here. I ended up selling that one and now I am working on a new one with someone else. I will post pictures when I receive it. His timeline is 4-7 week range. So lets see.
  18. Hmm, I really wouldn't go by those guages. Everything is never 100% accurate. The best you can do for the time being is try different brands and then take the average. As far as seasoning goes. It seems like its at a level where you can start putting in a couple boxes here and there and see what happens.
  19. Look at wacata humidors. That might be a good option for you. If they ship out to you.
  20. Update, I have gotten rid of my unit. And now in cooler's. Nothing wrong with it. But designed something different from someone else. Once its completed I will again post pictures. It's smaller then my Triple D from Matt. Bigger then my original Aristocrat. Timeline should be 4-6 weeks. The one thing I found I didn't like about Matt's from owning it for awhile. The cans, you have to Velcro them down. I had a situation were I opened and pulled the draw and the can came out with it. Spilled all the distilled water over my cigars. Big clean up. I was pissed! I think he is just too overwhelmed. He doesn't have a good system for building them. I can see why Bob went out of building business. But in no way it should take 9 months to get one done. It's too much stress.
  21. If you belong to the club through work. I just wouldn't play in the events. Must of the time you can play without many members even knowing. Or if they did figure out, it doesn't sounds you are a bad guy. Offer them a cigar. Explain you don't play much.
  22. I actually preferred the tape that bob had on his cabinets, I contacted him and asked if he had anymore and sent it out to me

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