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  1. You guys are awesome, thanks FOH! I have a reminder set this go around. Halloween screwed me a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Wow, only had one of these. Absolutely fantastic.
  3. Black coffee (morning-noon), water or OJ (afternoon), bourbon + water or just water (night).
  4. No surprise that the No. 1 is running away with it. More readily available and a semi cult-like following. One of my favorite morning smokes. Benfica - interesting thought. I wouldn’t thinks so since the ends are open but what do I know...
  5. Mmmm...I haven’t touched one of these in about a yr. They’ve come a long way from what I last remember. 2017 I believe don’t remember the box code.
  6. Just don’t point him toward any Quai D’orsay. We don’t need any more competition when they pop up on 24:24
  7. The FR Elliott Select is a strange pick. There are much better limited edition Four Roses over the last few yrs (including the 2018 batch). Some good juice in the list. It’s a shame the markets so inflated right now with some ridiculous prices...
  8. This has slowly become my daily wearer. Simple, classic design and tough as nails...
  9. Mine got stuck under things constantly and lost its schedule programming too often. I don’t even know where mine is, under my coffee table maybe...useless
  10. Nice review and great bourbon choice. I was about to pull the trigger on the same last night but went with Old Forester 1910 instead. Also delicious but I’ll end up caving in and picking up the NY BB shortly.
  11. The EC18 and Yippee Ki Yay are just about my two favorite for bourbon and a rye. Enjoy sir. I managed to score a Four Roses Limited and an 11 yr Bib and Tucker barrel proof and thought I made out alright this bourbon season.
  12. Going to a College football game on Saturday then a visit from an old colleague/friend is staying over on Saturday night. A long night with a couple of tasty sticks will be on the agenda for sure...
  13. I really enjoyed this stick, I don’t think you can go wrong if you can find them. Good luck
  14. No probs. The sampler was on 24:24 last Monday. It sold out in a few hours.
  15. Thanks all, I really enjoyed this review. @Scotch&Stogie I’m willing to bet you have some scotches that would put the VW12 to shame ? @HabanosNJGuy awesome, thank you and I agree. It was all class. I think the lemon zest was held back by the construction early on. That ended up being ok with with me though as it brought some other notes to the forefront I otherwise might have missed. @unclepauly25 thank you, uncle. I’m really looking forward to starting with this new company. @MountainMilG thanks and yes sir! By far my favorite in the collection!

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