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  1. Thanks for the input all. This was one of the thicker ones I've pulled. I like the tweezer recommendation, I usually just use what finger nails I have to try and pry it out. After I got it out, it started to burn hot so I smashed it flat and that helped a bit. I was able to finish it.
  2. I’m sure you’ve all been there. A tight draw so you turn to your perfectdraw and/or pulling bits of leaf out to try and loosen things a bit. Then next thing you know you pull something like this out, stretching all the way from the other end. Sometimes it’s just what you needed and the stick really opens up. Other times it tunnels out and ends up tasting like burnt tabacco. Is it poor construction, completely normal or a sloppy roller that you just have to expect sometimes? I’m interested to know what everyone’s level of tolerance is and how you handle stems in your sticks?
  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all that you do for the community, Di!
  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. I was fortunate to meet Mike a few years back for a box pass exchange. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and his comments on the forum. He will be missed. Thoughts and best wishes go out to Kelly and his family.
  5. Trading a buddy these for a Gurkha…not sure who’s making out better
  6. Good call on Cigar Cellar in Kennesaw! Love that place. Good selection but even better service and food. Drinks can be a bit expensive so be careful on what you order. Ask for Michael or Jeremy on cigar recommendations. They are knowledgeable and helpful.
  7. Nice review. Love the Alma Fuerte line from Placensia, particularly the salamones. How about a wrist shot of the Omega?
  8. Shocked that coaches from bottom tier teams were incentivized to tank a season for better draft picks. I don’t understand the storyline here honestly. It’s slightly more of an interesting story with AA coaches being brought in to interview as a rule when they already have a coach hand selected. Although Flores didn’t do himself any favors in Miami in my opinion by how he handled Tua in favor of Watson and fighting with upper management on it for the entire season.
  9. The heaters work pretty well down to freezing. With the fireplace going I can tolerate down to around 25F
  10. Hold on to the LFD double ligero for a couple of years. They age very well. Just had the chisel a few weeks ago with some age on it. Not too strong at all compared to some younger LFD’s. I really enjoyed it.
  11. The new band is gold. Gold = premium? An illusion of quality perhaps. I’ve had a box or two of both the 50’s and 54’s and neither have helped up to the recent hype.
  12. 100% agree with this, exception of Rolex steel in general, not just the GMT. Regardless of value, if you love it or it was given as a gift depreciation doesn’t matter!
  13. Stopped for a month back in November when I had Covid. Ended up with double pneumonia. The longest I’d been without one in 5 years or so. Cigars didn’t taste right for another 2 weeks afterward.
  14. Nice review on an awesome stick and love the Black Bay as well!
  15. 2017 Esplendido w/ ginger monkey. Happy Thanksgiving All!
  16. Is that a Michter’s 10 Yr bourbon I see you swapped over to in the final 3rd? One of my all time favorites ?
  17. I typically stay away from Cohiba due to the number of fakes going around. The exception being my steady supply of Grand Reserva Siglo VIII Lanceros I get from my guy in Miami...
  18. It has, but a few days usually takes care of things and “resets” my taste buds. If you’ve really taken weeks off and the flavors haven’t come around, perhaps try some different sticks. NC’s, full flavor or dare I say flavored cigars to see if that changes things up enough. You can always come back to what you’re smoking now down the road. Good luck!
  19. Nicely done @benfica_77 I enjoyed following the tournament and not really surprised by the end result. SW is a fantastic smoke.
  20. Done TBird. All the best to your mother and her speedy recovery.

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