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  1. I am going to miss you by 3 days. My wife and I are coming down Christmas night and arriving on the trip!
  2. I spoke with @Wertman yesterday and all is good. @BellevilleMXZ thanks for dropping me a line, see you in October.
  3. Dan send me names of the shops around you and I'll talk with Riste. He is looking for shops in the US. If you want to see JSK in a local shop let me or Riste know.
  4. Riste is a great guy and a friend of mine. I sent @PrairieSmoke some of these. I recommend all JSK cigars. The Zlanto is as close to Cuban that I've had before.
  5. Attention to all: 2nd round has been postponed due to people's schedules and not having many people left in the pass. It looks like people are interested in the handicap passes like @cfc1016 put together. I have been scarce from the forum due to work and racing. I am sending the cigars back to @Wertman so he can hold on to them until next round.
  6. Sounds good. Thanks for letting me know. The cigars are in the humidor coming back to life. Still need quite a bit of addresses
  7. I will need yours because I need to figure out the logistics of the pass
  8. Please send me your address in a PM along with any vacation plans in the next couple of months.
  9. I talked with @BellevilleMXZ and I think we are going to kick this next box pass off over Memorial Day Weekend. We will see each other in New York at the race track and he can mule the box across for Canada. So who from Canada wants to join in?
  10. You were missed. Didn't have to fire up the propane this time! I thought you would have been on for sure. Got a break from car stuff tonight so I was able to join and listen. Thanks to Ryan and Cory for a lot of info and as always thanks to Rob for the insight!
  11. We have 11 so far.....let's get some more folks in here. If you know of other newbies who want to join let them know.
  12. Let's get Hawaii in here @Islandboy and also my buddy @prodigy
  13. You are in! You won't want to miss this round. Contests will happen....let's get some new people in here as well. Tell your newbie folks!
  14. I believe @cfc1016 bought some stock off other members to get the pass started with some good sticks

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