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  1. Yeah u got Buckley's chance of flogging them cobber!
  2. Five years ago I had a wine cooler nowadays I keep only a desktop 80 count. Thanks to Aussie Taxes. Import duty is A$1300 per kilo
  3. Tax is more than outlay on boxes from bonded warehouses for Aussie's. Lol
  4. Pity your in Australia Rob as CoH not delivering to Aust. Welcome to my World
  5. Had a box back in 2014. They were 13's First one out of box was thick chewy caramel for whole first half Wow. Not one of next 24 showed anything like that and were Meh boring 85points at best.
  6. went looking for new bottle of Rittenhouse walked out with a 2019 Bloody Shiraz instead. never tried before look forward to something different.
  7. Lucky, imagine being coped up in a room for 14days with nothing but bourbon and cigars for company oh the Horror.
  8. are you back in the OZ El Pres? dont we have a mandatory self-quarantine in aust for midnight last night now?
  9. me i'm going to the beach, Corona virus has no impacted up hear in far north QLD. (as yet) apart from half empty supermarkets. panic buying for no reason..
  10. not many other reviews around,ones i found also felt they where underwhelming flavors bit harsh in first third from a cigar with 2018 tobacco
  11. In Sydney and rest of NSW most Club's & Pub's have indoor outdoor gaming machine Area's where you can play a pokie machine and still enjoy a smoke and drink at same time. Most have drink service available some large Club's even have a bar and sitting area's in the undercover area. There's no need to gamble if you don't want to. No matter where you cigar smoke in OZ expect to get funny looks. Australia has become a backwater society in last 10 Years.
  12. I hate it when my Cuban cigars arrive Box pressed in dress boxes!

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