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  1. True. For solace see the results of most blind tasting competitions where people can't pick a coro from a partagas sd4. Just buy the counterfeit bands and when you're wasted one night put them on a bunch of random cigars in your humidor. Then you'll likely not know the difference. 
    Hey that's a great idea....
    Finally I have a use for all the bands I've been saving for no other apparent reason

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  2. ROTT the Colorado Rosado N1 was much more enjoyable, notes of warm sourdough bread and soft spice... The Maduro at first (1-2 weeks after arriving) tasted more like a NC for me, that is, more peppery, a little harsh and some notes of dark cacao........ It's been about 2.5 months and I reached for a Rosado N1, same beautiful profile I've had so far, but I also grabbed a Maduro N1.... WOW!!! so much sweetness I couldn't believe the difference. I had my girlfriend (who doesnt smoke much) try it and she was impressed.... So far she's only been impressed by a couple cigars I've had so far, the most recent being a 5 year old punch 48 which absolutely wowed her, especially after a sip of bourbon.

    The sweetness I'm getting from the Maduro is absolutely astonishing. I'm not one to pull obscure flavors of Italian black truffle, Scottish virgin grass's hay, etc...... But this sweetness is so in your face it's impossible to miss.

    Well done gentlemen, well the short time I've sampled them, they continue to improve and it's going to be hard to hold onto them to age even though I know as more time passes the more flavourful they will be.

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  3. 8 hours ago, superman0234 said:
    Custom Alex, Papo, and HLP sampler.  Ive read these were rolled in 2019 or 2018, but no way to confirm.  They smell amazing 

    I got the same sampler.... Have tried the 60, 109, and MJ23 so far.... Flavor has been excellent but I did have relight issues on the MJ... Enjoy!

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  4. If you're a whisky drinker I highly recommend Clase Azul Reposado. It reminds me more of a whisky sometimes with notes of oak, chocolate, and vanilla.

    If you want a truly smooth and beautiful tequila Casa Dragones never fails.

    And for every day, you can't go wrong with Don Julio 70 Anniversario

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  5. These are the first ones I’ve tried since they changed the bands. Pairing it with some Pellegrino and Breaking Bad.




    It’s still a young cigar and I can tell off the bat as I get some bitter notes. Luckily it goes away fairly quickly. Burn has been spot on throughout. I get some bread notes thru the retro but overall, I’m feeling pretty underwhelmed.


    I’d rate this example a 7.5/10



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