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  1. Partagas D4 have been outstanding for me this year, and the short Churchill has gone from zero to hero in my opinion. The Famosos are always a good smoke, and are my number 3 .
  2. Both of those boxes would be darker than my preferred colour. I usually like them Colorado to Colorado Claro as I find them sweeter & able to be smoked earlier than the darker ones. The darker ones do have more of the cocoa/bitter chocolate thing going, so they are great too.
  3. Not a fan of the 50 at all, but I don't mind the 54s, though I agree with the majority here that it's poor value these days.
  4. The Culebras are fun, taste great and never have any draw issues, so that would be my No.1 choice. I'd chose the Punch and the Montecristo next. I've never had the Delicias but generally Fonseca don't get the best tobacco allocation.
  5. Never had one-but I'm waiting for them to pop up on 24:24 again, but it's been a while.
  6. I bought a box of 2017 PLPC back then, eagerly tried one after the customary rest and it's the only Cuban thus far that I have had to pitch after only a few puffs- just unsmokably bad. I've tried two a year since then from the same box, got to about the half way mark and couldn't smoke it any more. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the magical transformation next year. I love caramel, so my hopes are kept alive with the anticipation. I smoked a 16 RyJ Exhibicion No4 last week that had a honey/caramel thing going all the way and it was bliss.
  7. Happy birthday Diana. May your shoes be plentiful & your glass always full. 🍷
  8. Because unless I misunderstood, I'm saying in my experience you do need to use a humidification device in a tupperdor, or at least keep an eye on them regularly. Not Sistema, but a mix of brands that have the gasket system. Perhaps that was my issue. The main point I was making is that don't assume your cigars will be ok in a year or two in a tupperdor without checking. I quite agree, once they are stiff they go in the bin as they never work properly if you try to recharge them again.
  9. I use Tupperware to store my singles, with a 65 Boveda. These are good quality boxes and I thought airtight. I check my other cigars more regularly but I left some of the Tupperware nearly a year without checking. To my surprise the Boveda in most of them had dried out and was stiff. I now check them every 3-4 months & replace the Boveda if necessary.
  10. Thanks. I certainly felt that the monte 80th had a more intense chocolate characteristic than the DE, and was beautifully smooth. From what you're saying the Leyenda would need quite a bit of time down.
  11. Hi NSX, How would you compare them to the linea 1935 Leyenda ? I've yet to try one, but like you I'm a big fan of the DE, and also the 80th Aniversario.

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