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  1. Welcome to the forum shippers. Another UK member here.
  2. I have been looking for a UK alternative, this might be perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm thinking about upgrading my existing display cabinet to a Swisscave CLB-388. Has anybody on here had any experience with one? It seems there is limited choice in the UK and as my collections expands I'd like to know I am looking after it properly. Later this year we are also going to start some building work on our house, included in the plans is a cigar smoking room so that I can smoke indoors all year round and so I'd like something that makes a statement in that room too.
  4. Had a Hoyo de San Juan for brunch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Welcome to FoH, great to see another UK member.
  6. Welcome Steve, you've found a great forum! I'm based in Gloucs / Berks for my sins.
  7. We were there for a week in the summer. I did some research in advance and took cigars with me as we concentrated on champagne houses and tastings (we brought about 60 bottles back). If I remember, there was a shop on Place Drouet d'Erlon that sold cigars, but did not have a great selection and mainly sold standard production cigars in tubes. If you are looking for great champagne shop recommendations, then La Vinocave, also on Place Drouet d'Erlon is well recommended, they advised of us some great champagnes as as having a rum, whisky and armagnac selection to die for. Alternatively the Cave des Sacres which is on the square next to the Cathedral is a great place to visit, they delivered to our hotel for us and their recommendation where fantastic. We did the Pommery, Mumm and Taittinger house tours. If you have time, try to visit the Avenue de Champagne in Eperney too.
  8. I lived in Bury until I was 18. Small world!
  9. Welcome to the forum Ben, whereabouts are you based? (I'm in Gloucs).
  10. My wife bought me Apollo 8 for Christmas, I shall check out Flight too, thank you.
  11. Currently, 'How Apollo Flew to the Moon' by W. David Woods. A visit to NASA in October reignited by interest in space travel.
  12. For 2019, primarily I want to smoke more than I buy - as last year I was a little light on actual smoking. On the list for this year - Bolivar - Belicosos Finos Hoyo - San Juan Trinidad - Reyes & Topes and if I can find any more, Upmann Hag 56 LE's. Never have I regretted not buying a box of cigars than the 56 LE.
  13. My wife bought me a bottle of the Lagavulin 12 for Christmas, what an fantastic scotch. I usually gravitate towards the Lagavulin 16, the 12 is just sublime. Slightly lighter, only needed a couple of drops of water - definitely a bottle to savour for special occasions.
  14. Hi everyone, thought that it was about time I introduced myself. I registered for the forum in 2017 and then seemingly forgot that I had done so. My name is Rich. I am based in the west of England, but work in London during the week. I have been smoking cigars for almost 25 years now, which means I started when I was 17/18 - seems a very long time ago! I have a collection of about 600 cigars now, this year I am going to try and smoke more than I buy.

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