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  1. My son (nine) is fascinated by my cigars and I hope one day will enjoy them like I do. I have double Montecristo A coffin from 2002 which I am saving for when he is old enough to enjoy a smoke with me. We often open the box and have a look at them.

    I keep meaning to buy a 2012 box for him, so that I can either gift them to him when he is old enough, or smoke them on his birthday.

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  2. I had a lucky escape from Sepsis six weeks ago and it did make me think that I really do need to some estate planning and what will I do with my cigars. I had originally planned to gift the whole lot to a friend, but he sadly died about 18 months ago and the collection has grown a fair bit too.

    Certainly time to do some planning so that MrsB knows what to do, who to contact etc.


    Slightly funny anecdote to lighten the thread a little bit, it links back to cigars (in a way).

    Ten years ago we moved cross country and as we packed the house up I needed to move my race car and spare tyres / wheels etc. I had over a couple of years acquired a few extra sets of wheels, which did cause some looks and a couple of difficult questions when they appeared from the depths of the garage. "When did you get those?" "How much have you spent on wheels?" "Have you even used that set?" (Still in their shipping boxes with cobwebs on).

    I have bought a lot of cigars over the years. MrsB doesn't really go anywhere near my humidors so I suspect the same would happen, whereby she will stand there muttering and querying the contents...

    I have always said that I'd like to be cremated and have my ashes planted with a tree for life. Maybe now I could ask that for a few months my ashes sit on the fireplace, on the rare occasional MrsB has a half corona, she could tap the ash into the container and exclaim, "He's putting on weight again."

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  3. Seems like I spend the weekend ferrying my nine year old between cricket training, mountain bike club, a play date with his best friend…

    Managed to sneak a R&J Short Churchill in yesterday early evening, which was just lovely and just what I needed after cooking a beef and chicken roast dinner for the family.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Cigarsmoker81 said:

    I flew out of Dubai airport twice in the last several weeks  ( nov 14 and dec 12 ) and on dec I saw limited new stock but marked improvement over my trip in nov 14. Some of what they had was Cohiba Medio siglo, Trinidad vigia, a lot from monte line, Ramon allones no2 edition Limitada, rass, etc. 

     But honestly they didn’t have a lot  of stock so it could all be gone by now 


    Friend of mine travelled back through Dubai week or so ago, he couldn’t pick anything up from my list. Very slim pickings.

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