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  1. My hat is off to you and your wife, as this is indeed a milestone worth celebrating! My wife and I are halfway there.
  2. Celebrated a special occasion tonight...decided to use my finest tabletop (and ashtray)
  3. Thanks for concisely making sense of it all. One follow up question I have (3 actually): How does an LCDH fit into the above equation? Do they have any type of advantage in the distribution process? Or are they just another retailer when it comes to doling out the stock? Mahalo Prez.
  4. Not sure how true this is but it makes some sense - I was told by a vendor at an LCDH that much of the rejected stock ends up in the hands of online retailers, who mostly sell to the US market. That would certainly help explain scrubbed serial numbers, broken seals, etc that are fairly common in this market.
  5. Well played. I didn’t think there were many more cigar smoking mountain bikers out there.
  6. I agree that a large part of having a sublime experience rests with the surrounding circumstances. Having said that, I’ve noticed a fair degree of inconsistency of taste from cigars within the same box, and every once in a while I’ve unexpectedly experienced sublime flavor by simply picking out a real “winner” of the bunch by chance. For me, this has happened with a certain memorable CoRo as well as a Trini Coloniales. I’ve only been enjoying CC’s for less than a year now, so I definitely look forward to experiencing this more often.
  7. Edmundo? Had a great one a few days ago. I much prefer them to the 4 Monty 2’s I’ve tried thus far, which I’ve had atrociously bad luck with.
  8. Champagne and Burgundy. I don’t drink wine regularly, but I’ve always got more Pinot Noir's on hand than anything else, so Burgundy’s a good bet. But....champagne? I don’t think so.
  9. Trying to thin the herd of NC’s to make room for more CC’s in my humidor. This was a nice treat tonight - Warped Maestro del Tiempo 6102R. All that was missing was the Cuban zing.
  10. Very nice ’12 Sancho Panza Beli after dinner last night. But the Edmundo I had before dinner was all out sandalwood goodness.
  11. I’d just fart a lot, while eating, drinking and smoking whatever I want. Ahh, who am I fooling? That’s why she’s out with the girls in the first place
  12. On behalf of Donkeys everywhere, you, good sir, owe them an apology. Sincerely, The Farmer
  13. I like to listen to Govt Mule’s live recording “Dark side of the Mule” - a well executed medley of Pink Floyd songs that lasts through most cigars. Or anything Joe Bonamassa.
  14. I’m drooling now....thank you very much. You’re description is pretty much all the flavors I crave!
  15. I’ve only tasted it a few times, but I’m a fan of the “citrus” zing that to some, is a defect. I suspect there’s a small window in the mellowing of a cigar’s acidity when it’s still present, and seems to enhance the more basic elements of nuttiness or earthy tones. On a more general note, there’s a very unique and common taste element that I’ve experienced in pretty much every CC, that's not found in any of the NC’s I’ve had. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s a certain “Cuban” spice element that evokes distant memories of the aromas I experienced as a teenager in a typical head shop in the late 70’s.....something of the exotic incense variety.
  16. After work in the garden with one of my favorite NC’s....La Boheme Poeta. Not quite as tasty as a CoRo, but I swear if I were blindfolded, the toasted caramel and honey aroma coming off this gem would fool me every time.
  17. That’s a fairly common curse. Now get off my lawn!!
  18. Driving painfully below the speed turns me into the Joker. Oh wait, that’s Batman
  19. I agree. Admittedly I’m a newb, being in this for only 2 years, and enjoying CC’s for less than a year, but my personal observation is that a CC will almost always start out in at least the “good” category right out of the box, whereas more often than not, the NC’s I’ve purchased only reach “good” after a fair bit of humidor time. I’ve got a half box of My Father Le Bijou 1922’s that started out pretty awful in the bitterness department, but after sitting for a little over a year now, they’re a completely different and enjoyable experience. The exception has been Padrons....they seem to be consistently good to go right off the boat.
  20. Mahalo guys. The weather’s quite epic now (sunny with cool trade winds), but with all the rain we’ve gotten this winter, I’m afraid all we’ve been sending to the mainland lately is snow. But Spring has sprung.
  21. Enjoyed a Tutuaje Cohonu 2012 while tending to the veggies in the garden, then enjoyed another lousy sunset with a Vegas Robaina.
  22. Nice! You clearly have good taste. That Padron is my favorite of the Family series.
  23. Howzit All! 55 year Hawaii resident, born and raised. Fairly new to cigars - only 2 years - but I've packed quite a bit of sensory research in that time. NC’s for the first year and a half, sampling the good stuff pretty quickly....AF Anejos, FFOX, Padron, God of Fire, etc. Then last summer I had an incredible experience with my first CC - a Cohiba Robusto in Victoria, B.C. Mind blown! Been slowly adding Habanos to my humidor ever since (Not at Canadian prices, though! ) I’m here to expand my horizons, and share a laugh or two.

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