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  1. Cool post as I await delivery of more of his creations today, thanks! Excuse my ignorance on the subject, but does he supply Habanos with tobacco as well, or is this all for his own rolls?
  2. This helps explain the unmistakable grin they always seem to have.
  3. I see what Rob is talking about. I’m with Ray, can mine come in a box too please? 😁😁
  4. There’s also a flip side to this. I’ve certainly been the recipient of a box on many occasions that completely exceeded my expectations. An El Laguito box without requesting it, a box that blows you away with its aroma or wrapper shade. Being surprised, both pleasantly and not so much every once in a while, is one of the things I really like about this current mode of CC purchasing. A poor tasting cigar makes a good one taste great.
  5. I agree that you don’t always receive the perfect box and that’s just part of the game, the vendor has little control over taste beyond a simple visual inspection. But I have had several boxes that tasted off when I first got them so I threw them in the back of the humi and forgot about ‘em, only to come back 4 or 5 years later to some pretty decent cigars. Doesn’t always work out that way though, but kind of fun when it does.
  6. And here I thought this might be an important update on Rob’s bout of covid...I guess in a way, it is.
  7. RATs have become the latest workplace essential here, our office manager has somehow been successful ordering them to keep 4 or 5 on hand. Of course these aren’t accepted for travel, so if you’re a local here who tests positive with a RAT and now need to verify with a PCR, good luck lining up with all the tourists for hours...and hours.
  8. I don’t even want to think of how much worse the world would be right now if the vaccine hadn’t been developed. Perhaps it should be renamed the Covid shot, like the Flu shot, which needs to be administered on a regular interval to be effective at keeping influenza from becoming a pandemic, but does not eliminate it.
  9. Construction in Hawaii has been steaming along this whole time, picking up steam even. But material availability and lead times have been steadily worsening, all while costs are rising. So far this hasn’t seemed to discourage our typical clients (high-end residential and hospitality) from entering into contracts - we’re fully booked out at least 2 years - but things are getting downright scary in terms of having the materials to keep projects moving. A Fleetwood slider door is now 9 months out from time of order, we’ve had a bunch of Bosch dishwashers on order since March 2021 and they can’t even give us a projected ETA today. At times it seems it's become way too convenient for suppliers to become complacent in simply saying it’s out of their hands with a shrug of the shoulders, but this is something we can only pass along to our clients as the new paradigm shift in the industry.
  10. Good honest review. I too am having disappointing results with a couple of CoRo boxes I’ve been sitting on, patiently awaiting the magic - PUR Jul 16 and AMO Dic 16. The PUR box has tasted like absolutely nothing from day one, and still does, but I was really expecting the El Laguito box to shine. Sampled one last month and...meh...I’ll stick to the always tasty Juan Lopez #2.
  11. I’m an aroma guy...I smoke a cigar not to taste the smoke in my mouth, but to keep the aroma coming off the cigar - you know, that heavenly smell that starts to come off a cigar about 10-15 seconds after gently taking a draw. And ash, at least some, plays a crucial role in moderating the heat and maximizing this effect. Once I ash a cigar (generally on my lap as many have lamented), it seems I have to build back up to having my cigar give off that aroma.
  12. Wrapping up the holiday vacation with a banging cigar and sunset, back to the grind tomorrow. Aloha Gang!
  13. Still celebrating my birthday yesterday today, I support your excessive behavior 😜 Happy Birthday!
  14. Getting on with turning 60 in excess here. Tomahawk rib eyes on the grill. The Behike is rising nicely to the occasion. Cheers Gang!
  15. $100 says that Rob’s $100 isn’t on wether the poll shows us to be Left, Centrist or Right, but rather wether a train wreck will ensue in the discussion that follows 😆
  16. I think he reads peoples direah for a living, like a fortune teller...he will no longer read Robs.
  17. Busting out the good stuff this week. It’s gonna be a sad day when I smoke the last one of these...soo tasty.
  18. I know next to nothing about wine, but one of our clients is a highly regarded restauranteur here and he was just telling me that a table of four bought the one bottle of Screaming Eagle he had in his cellar the other night...then he told me for how much. I was speechless. That is a unicorn. Enjoy it brother!
  19. Some of the locals here just love to blow things up on New Years, so my neighborhood will turn into a war zone of illegal fireworks as usual, and I’ll be bathing in aroma de gunpowder, making sure my house doesn’t catch on fire. I may as well smoke a Gurkha. But...on the 30th, when I turn 60 and officially qualify for the senior discount at the local hardware store, I’m gonna set fire to a Behike - not because I really expect it to be the best tasting cigar I have - but because that’s what Behike’s are for, right?
  20. Damn, if the cigar in their description even exists...I want 100 of ‘em.
  21. I’m going to have to at least smoke one more real soon to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, heh heh.
  22. I haven’t had any luck with PG. I’ve been gifted a couple of Gourmet Series sticks in the past, and I almost think they were both dropped in a pool because they had a very off-putting chemical taste like chlorine.

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