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  1. Don’t know about the rest of the world, but in the US this currently sits on the threshold between being funny and being true...
  2. Agreed, recent Mag 50’s have been pretty amazing.
  3. Easily it was an absolutely heavenly La Flor de Cano Grandiosos 2013.
  4. The Turmeric tonic is almost fluorescent orange and long gone (tastes quite good though)....that’s definitely my evening Maui tonic you’re looking at
  5. Yeah, these are a bit underrated, me thinks - and they really seem to age well, in the short term at least. At 4 years old, this one had a bouquet of flavors that simply weren’t there in the beginning. I also just had a MAR box land, so really looking forward to seeing if there’s any noticeable difference. I doubt it could get any better than last night’s cigar, but at the least construction should be impeccable.
  6. Par for the course in US social media, everyone is conveniently placed in one box or the other by a vocal minority. There’s so much more to the bigger picture, and collateral damage impossible to foresee. We each take our best shot at improving the immediate future, somewhat blindly, and deal with the consequences, sometimes personally. That’s my take. Carry on.
  7. LMB Jun 17 PSE2...I can always count on these to deliver the goods, this one is exceeding my expectations. Cheers!
  8. My oldest Lusis just turned 4. Based on the last couple smoked, in the last year they got a bit creamier and developed a totally unexpected beautiful vanilla element.
  9. Nice! If that’s something “a little special”, I’m wondering what something really special is
  10. Nailed it John, exactly what I experienced the other evening....all the flavors made for such an alluring aroma. And the only other observation I made was the longer than average finish...the flavors seemed to linger on my tongue. Cheers!
  11. ERDM Tainos and Punch 898’s seem to be lingering quite well...or perhaps this is more a case of simply being slowly released. Availability has gone on for much longer than I expected - turns out I didn’t need to sell a kidney to hoard all those boxes at the get-go after all.
  12. I’ve pretty much abandoned picking out individual flavors in a cigar because, well, I suck at it. But this is one of the best descriptions of one of my favorite go-to sticks I’ve ever seen. Well done!
  13. This cigar deserves a shout-out. After a week full of challenges, I decided to dip into my RE stash on a weeknight. Damn these are fine right now!
  14. I’ve noticed this as well. Both my BFF and Juan Lopez 2 boxes open counter to the way my brain operates. This is especially frustrating when I’m drunk
  15. So sorry to hear of your ohana’s loss, I’m all too familiar with the feeling. My wife and I have dedicated our home and a good portion of our lives to providing a sanctuary for about 8 rescue felines at any given time. They quickly become family members. We recently had to say our farewells to Puna Kitty, a semi-wild cat that was regularly fed at one of the resorts here that we did some work at, that suddenly turned into a ghost town when Covid hit last year. I ended up taking her home for several months of extreme pampering, but sadly the damage of years of “wild life” had been done. Being FIV positive, and enduring numerous bacterial infections finally overcame her. As temporary as this was going into it, it was still devastating, especially to my wife. I know the feeling. Aloha Tabitha, and Puna Kitty.
  16. There’s been much debate over the wrapper’s influence on flavor, and I’m definitely in the camp that it’s paramount to experiencing the essence of the marca. I’m probably taking the question a few steps further, but anytime even a portion of the wrapper isn’t burning, I notice the imbalance immediately.
  17. I have to share some of my favorite Hawaiian slack key guitar before the weekend is over. Not everyone’s cup of tea, for sure, but I grew up surrounded by this simple and elegant style of music - this is one of my favorite go-to albums when I really want to relax. If this song moves you at all, I highly recommend kicking back with a cigar and giving the whole album a listen. This is a song about the Elepaio, a small forest bird endemic to Hawaii.
  18. I looked up the records, received these back in early February, so several months rest. It was very impressive for such a young cigar.
  19. Click onto “Reply” and paste it in there...I do it from my MacBook, so it’s Control/ClickPad at the same time and a dropdown appears with paste as an option. Unfortunately I’m useless describing how to do this from other devices. What are you using, perhaps someone can guide you?
  20. I just copy the video link, and simply paste it onto a reply here...boom! the video pops up after a few seconds. FoH tech wizards did a great job with this feature. Or maybe that’s how it automatically works everywhere and I’m just easily impressed
  21. This was the 3rd from my box, the first 2 were good, but this one was on another level and really got better as it smoked down. I love when a cigar does’s usually the other way around.
  22. I know you’ve said regular production, but I can’t help myself, as I only recently had a cigar for the first time that perfectly fit your description, and it was a beautiful thing: Sancho Panza Gran Quixote

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