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  1. RASS in their first couple years has it for me. Sadly though, I’m not a huge fan.
  2. Wow, this is heartbreaking news. I only conversed with him on this forum, but it was apparent what a gentleman and mentor he was to so many. My condolences to his family.
  3. These are now officially known as the good ol’ days....when Rob would sign a box of high-quality Cohibas, and the average cigar smoker could afford to buy it.
  4. So that’s what you do for a living...I've often wondered. Makes sense now, you have a really good name for a hit man.
  5. Absolutely true. I recently decided to upgrade all of the flashlights around the house and in our cars with the best I could find, which required some obsessive research, of course, and had me saying stuff like “hey look, honey, this is the one the cops use”!! My manly objective in making my choices was to utterly blind any poor soul who happens to wander within 300 yards of my vast empire in the dead of night. I’ve tested it on the cats, seems I’ve accomplished this goal, and I think I’ve awoken my neighbor in several instances by accident. Sadly, just this morning I packaged one of ‘em up for a warranty return (a flashlight, not a cat). Apparently best-of-the-best doesn’t always mean it’s good.
  6. I haven’t been in the game long enough to have experienced the first signs of trouble (Robusto Extra demise, etc). And honestly, the last 6 or so years have been a boom time for Trinidad in my humidor - first with the introduction of La Trova, followed by Esmeralda, 2 of my favorite cigars. Aaaaaannnd then the axe fell hard with the pricing insanity. That’s where it all went terribly wrong in my experience. I will cherish the La Trovas and Esmeraldas that I do have, and I’m thankful I took several opportunities to stock up when I did.
  7. I’m with you on this. I’ve got about half a box of these left, purchased in 2016. They already started flattening out about a year ago. Being the mellower blend of the Opus family, I guess these are really meant to be smoked rather than aged.
  8. I’ve noticed an uptick in posts of beetle damage with newly received boxes of Habanos on other sites lately, wondering if freezing all cigar exports is no longer a thing due to the energy crisis.
  9. Let’s see, likes cigars, butter, salt, fried chicken and bourbon, and has a dog named Sir Arthur Digby Charles Chicken’re gonna fit right in around here Welcome! and enjoy the ride.
  10. Did someone mention spandex? I rode a Cannondale Jeckyl 2000 with a Lefty front strut throughout my “racing years” in my 40’s. It was as innovative as it was tough, we did some crazy s**t together. Good times.
  11. What, no love for Neil? I’ve never been a huge Neil Young fan myself, but I definitely have some good memories with my first love with this album - she was a California girl, and Harvest was as laid-back and California as it got in the 70’s. And the song Old Man, I mean, c’mon...that’s as classic as it gets. Laurel Canyon in the late 60’s, early 70’s was definitely ground zero for some wild times and some great musicianship.
  12. I guess if they didn’t specify which factory, technically it’s true?
  13. A lifetime warranty on socks...genius decision right there.
  14. Nice review, sounds like a fine experience. I’ve often concluded that the best short Churchill is actually the final third of a full sized Churchill.
  15. She’s quite talented with the smoke rings, and she knows it.
  16. I completely missed this poll, but having smoked through a box or so of each, I would have chosen SW on the narrowest of margins. Both are iconic and can be fantastic when they’re on point and have a few years on them. Each is tailored to a different mood, IMO. Lusi is a powerhouse of flavors, and I love how vanilla creeps in after about 3-4 years down. SW is a more refined experience of subtlety and balance, more like a finely-aged cigar. Each has its time and place, but the nod goes to SW for its elegance.
  17. Nice review! I also find that SLR’s age surprisingly well, considering they start out so mild-mannered. I just had an amazing ’07 DC Saturday evening that was a rich nutty & caramel flavor bomb. It’s absolutely mind boggling that the Marca is down to a single token regular production cigar.
  18. So, one luster = 5 years....good to know. Seems like a 50% increase in demand in 5 years may not be the smoking gun it’s meant to be. Wonder what the increase in US demand was in the same luster? That said, I guess the increase in Chinese sales would have been larger if supply was keeping up with demand.
  19. I’ve found them to be quite airtight. I keep all of these in a constantly air-conditioned room, which keeps RH in the room itself quite low - around 50, but RH in the boxes stays very steady, generally 1 or 2 points higher than the Boveda rating (I use 62% Bovedas).

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