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  1. JSK lost me with the Nuggs. They're clearly seeking a very different customer, which is perfectly fine. It's just not for me, so I'll gladly take a pass.
  2. You found me! Sounds like there might be more variability from stick to stick in the Escogidos than most CCs?
  3. The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and State and County public health agencies are not media organizations. What's more important than how ill an individual adult with no underlying health conditions may or may not feel is that we're approaching a tipping point. The pandemic may still be contained and quickly forgotten, or it may become an ongoing, perpetually circulating disease. Those are the options in front of us. There's an enormous amount of future morbidity and mortality, lost productivity, and economic disruption at stake. 2% mortality turns into a very, very large number of deaths relatively quickly. And if those deaths are clustered among children, the elderly, and those with health problems, that doesn't warrant dismissing or ignoring it.
  4. My old high school warmup jacket from 1996. I still bum around in it sometimes.
  5. LGR DIC 18 Dip2 ROTT. Way too wet. But what should I have expected?
  6. Check out the member map. I'm sure there's some folks in your area.
  7. I can't vouch for the source or the source's description, but here's my review ...
  8. 2017 Papo Laguito No. 6. I wish I had a lot more of these than I do.
  9. Best city is New Orleans. The only risk is that a visitor might accidentally find the real New Orleans - the old, weird one - and never leave. It happens regularly.
  10. Celebrating Mardi Gras in exile with a Cigar Factory New Orleans Vieux Carre Belicoso.
  11. Cigar Factory New Orleans Vieux Carre Belicoso for a box split. These look really good.
  12. Four boxes of ESL NOV 18 Monte #1. I wish I were keeping them all, but alas ...
  13. Cigar #2 from the 2018 FOH Blind Tasting comp that I found buried in a singles box. I may be a little late MSU SEP 17 RASS. AUM JUL 15 SLR Regios. Fantastic. Followed by a LEM JUL 11 Bolivar Emperadors RE Russia.

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