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  1. I never knew Mike very well, just to chat here and do some trades and passes. And he was always unfailingly decent, kind, and helpful. A few years ago he proxied a box of La Isla for me from one of his trips to the island. One of the many times he extended his hand to me. This seems like a good time to light one up, enjoy some gratitude for having known him, and try to pay forward the kindness he always showed me and so many others.
  2. Me: "Babe, did you hear about that actress who got stabbed? Reece ..." Wife: "Witherspoon?" Me: "No, with her knife." Wife: "Jerk."
  3. A few things that I miss ... The unbelievable natural beauty of PdR .... and Cayo Junita Lounging in the courtyard of our casa, smoking a Lusi The fantastic jazz clubs And the unforgettable meals at our favorite paladars
  4. The risk/reward calculation on this has simply never made sense to me. I see guys post pictures of their cigars from moving cars all the time. Last week, you posted while driving on a highway. And regardless of the rationalization - I was driving slow! There we no other cars around! (how would you know when you're using your phone to photograph your cigar!?) - what's the reward? Likes on the internet? I struggle to understand how something so trivial could be worth any additional risk whatsoever to yourself or others.
  5. Doc, I'd be curious to know how many people end up in your hospital - or worse - because they can't stop playing with their phones while they're driving.
  7. LGR SEP 18 Prado. These are really beginning to blossom.
  8. You're entirely correct on that point. '99 - '01 vintages are just a sore point for me because I experienced so many profoundly lousy cigars during that period that it put me off Habanos for a solid decade. I just can't imagine attempting to find the diamonds in the rough, much less paying a high premium for the privilege.
  9. $30/stick for PLPC from one of the worst vintages in modern history!? I don't give a damn if comes packed in a Fabergé Egg.
  10. ULA JUN 15 Libertadors takes pole position for me this month.

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