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  1. @Elpresidente @Habana Mike Hey Prez/Mike, how does one go about getting tickets for this? I'm planning a trip to Cuba in November and would love to attend / meet up with you guys.
  2. For this comp I decided to review the BPC from the Blind Tasting comp, seeing as I forgot to smoke and submit my guess on that one! Paired it with Aberlour A'bunadh Batch 61. Cold draw is perfectly open. Smell of barnyard and coffee grounds. First third is wonderfully powerful yet creamy. Leather and biscuit coming through. Second third strength has settled a bit. Lots of sweetness coming through. Never understood the hints of licorice El Prez usually picks up with Bolivar, but I can see that interpretation here. I probably would have gotten this wrong had I guessed, but very happy with the current profile knowing it is a Bolivar. Final third a little youth is showing, but not enough to put me off. The flavors haven't let up, and I'm able to easily smoke this down to the nub. I recently smoked an aged BPC (about 8 years) that was incredibly smooth and flavorsome, and honestly this one wasn't far off! It's good to see a flavor profile shine from its youth to aged. I would give it a solid 91 pts in my book, knowing it will reach 94-95 in good time.
  3. Been a long weekend. My best friend got married, but no chance to smoke so really looked forward to this one! The cigar is has a beautiful color and sheen. Barnyard scent. Love the aroma of these young. Straight cut reveals a smooth draw, just a touch of resistance. First third gives the impression of underlying complexity that perhaps need age to come through, but I can certainly pick up notes of toasted tobacco and and light sweetness, something akin to a drier cornbread. I pair this with a single gran scotch from North British distillery (yes, single grain!) hoping it might coax these flavors out a bit. I was not disappointed! The scotch itself is said to give notes of dried fruit, background coffee grounds and brazil nuts per the label, and I concur on this assessment. Second third wow! The sweet and nutty flavors indeed bled through pushing the cigar along to what it was meant to be. It has an almost “baked” presentation something like a fresh crumble pie from the oven. There has been a minimal amount of touch up needed but I’m not complaining. This cigar has performed. Final third the body has slowly crept up from a solid medium body to full as some of the sweetness has been replaced with a doughy thickness and consistency. Not quite as complex and flavor bomb as the previous third but a strong finish nonetheless. I'm very impressed with this cigar at such a young age. Especially being an odd format. It’s not quite as solid a performer as the 54 but with time could see it easily surpassing its bigger brother. I would give it an 89 if the 54 were a 92 at the moment, although that could flip very soon the next couple of years. Either way, consistency is key and this marca clearly has it right now if my current experiences with it and the sales of the new releases have any indication. Sometimes HSA just gets it right. Bravo.
  4. https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-beverly-hills-tobacco-ban-except-cigars-schwarzenegger-20190521-story.html Thoughts? It's great that they made an exemption for three of the lounges in the city, but I fear what this means moving forward for other major cities and folks in the industry in general. Talk about stealing food off the table for many... Hope they don't also pass plain packaging laws for the cigars that are being sold in the lounges. How ridiculous would that be
  5. Realistically, we all have a maximum price we are willing to pay for an item regardless of when you place the bid. So It doesn’t really matter if you bid early or snipe. Unless of course the item is invaluable to you or you bidding for the purpose of competing for the item, and not the item itself
  6. No there are others of us out there. These 10 sticks could have gotten me a PSP 50 cab of Party Shorts or 25 of Lusis
  7. Spent the weekend in Tulum checking out the venue and nearby hotels where I'm having my wedding ceremony later this year. Gorgeous weather. Picked up some singles from the LCDH Cancun. I believe the Boli EL 2009 is a fake (the band color, wording etc is all wrong, didn't notice until later) but the cigar itself at least seems like the real deal. Who knows. The rest look and smell great!
  8. Saw these in the LCDH Cancun yesterday. Honestly the wrappers and construction looked subpar to most of what they had in stock. I picked up a gorgeous RAG instead. I like the Conde Belicoso, but they had them at $400 and again the quality was not the same.
  9. Bumping this topic - need some advice What would you guys pick up? These are Singapore dollars so divide by 1.36 for USD
  10. I will update this thread if I can score a box and arrange splits
  11. I'm open to splitting or if anyone wants a whole box, let me know. Not sure if I'll find them but I'll try.
  12. Headed to Peru next week. Should I pick up a box if I come across one?

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