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  1. Maybe I’m lucky, blessed whatever it may be, but I’ve had very few problems with plugged cigars and I tend to like mine with an easy draw. Possibly my preferred ring gage, 48-56, who knows. I keep my humidor at 60-62 rh and 67-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Recently started getting into PC’s, maybe my luck will change
  2. My go to limited edition whiskey. Found 16 bottles and grabbed them all. Crown Royal Monarch 75
  3. I’m a golf addict with a bad back and sciatica. Best investment I’ve made in years. Keeps the wife happy too ??
  4. I just couldn't help myself and it actually works better than advertised.
  5. I don't post much, mainly just purchase from 24/24 and creep, but the Christmas Sampler mandated this. I've only been smoking cubans for the last couple of years and they have been almost exclusively larger ring gauge, 48-56. Well this morning on my drive to Naples, I decided to try my first of the samplers, an H. Upmann PC. WOW!!!! What a great cigar. I'm not much at describing what flavors I tasted, I just know it was one of the best cigars I've ever smoked and I realized it instantly. Thanks Rob for putting that beauty in the package, and expanding my horizons.
  6. One Hotel, South Beach is a beautiful hotel but a little north of the shopping district. If you wanna be close to Lincoln St. the Ritz Carlton is right there.
  7. Stumbled upon this site a couple days ago, lurked around for a couple hours and jumped in. I just recently started smoking cigars, all NC's, then a childhood friend introduced me to Cubans. A 1/2 dozen Hoya Epi 2's and 3 VR Famosos' later, I was hooked. I hope to learn more about the CC world and maybe someday contribute something meaningful to the other members. Thanks and looking forward to some good conversation.

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