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  1. I'm like most who say it depends on the weather (and the ability to be outside). during the winter months, 1 per day....other months of the year when I'm outside alot, 2 per day.
  2. being somewhat new to the CC world (less than a year) my selection is limited, but from what I've tried, my selection would be: 5 RASS/LGC MO4 4 Parti Lusi 3 Robaina Unicos 2 Parti Aristocrat 1 JL Sel 2
  3. flying the red eye to Houston saturday night/sunday morning....getting a rental car (which is almost impossible due to the superbowl) and then driving straight north for 90 minutes until I get to my home place. spending a week visiting parents and old friends....and staying as far as I can from tv. oh...and taking a few cc's to enjoy in the evenings.
  4. I wonder if I should invest in 'hens teeth'...seeing how rare they are?
  5. Welcome Angel...no better place to learn more about the cigar world then here. Just a word of warning...it can become addicting
  6. This thread needs to be saved and posted as permanent, its a great reminder.
  7. I leave mine on in the summer...in the winter I usually take it off and use it to light my butane heater outside. too many burnt eyebrows from trying to use my lighter to start up the heater...
  8. Hmmmmmm...did he just say 'y'all'??? now I know he's from the deep south.....if he would have used 'fixin' or 'hankering' or 'mosey on down' somewhere in his sentences, I would have offered him a cigar :-). welcome dude...don't be a stranger.
  9. great to hear about grandparents 60th. oh...cigar was nice too, LOL
  10. I'm a firm believer when one door closes, two more open up. hang in there....it will get better.
  11. totally agree with the JL No2 being a big boy....got a PSP box from our host last month and it was one of the strongest, yet smoothest cigars I've had. Loved it but you need to take your time with it. I'll grab more of them if they're ever offered again on the 24:24.
  12. guess for the next couple of months there is going to be a run on these deletions....they'll be scooped up fast whenever they're available.
  13. got any of those 'friends' that always seem to forget their cigars and always borrowing from you....we all have a few friends like that, LOL. Well next time, I'd let them have one of these..and see if they come back for more
  14. looking at the pic on your computer in the background....someone's got cohiba envy?
  15. Totally agree with everyone's comments. I really saw evidence of this 'rest' time on Monti Petite Edmundo's and Robaina Unicos....such a big difference even after just 30 days resting.
  16. I won't have a clue but still....Gotta keep up with my fellow texas brethrens. I'm in...

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