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  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.......now 3/4. and LISA did not help me any.. even after I gave her my best 'come hither sexy' eye look :-) I tried to give everyone hints...with the word 'classy'.
  2. I don't normally enjoy a good cuban early in the morning, but its Father's Day, its 6 AM, the house is quiet, coffee made, everyone who's anyone is still asleep. This is my time, so why not on this special day (cough cough) I take my coffee outside and enjoy cigar #4. Coffee is hot and mixed with just the right amount of cream to turn is a light shade of brown, squirrels are already out and waiting to see if I'll throw them a few peanuts, birds are at the bird feeder happily enjoying the bird seed I put out. Taking my time with the smoke and reflecting on my day....why not play some golf today after doing some work around the house??? Cigar lit, copious amounts of smoke, smooth and classy (I'd say more but I'd give away too much information, LOL). First third I found a little bland, but the second and last third I knew what brand this was and again...class comes to mind. Enjoying the cigar and doing even more reflecting on the day...it being Father's Day, I made a major decision. I'll skip the work and go straight to the golf course :-) Happy Father's Day to the dad's in the group!!!!!
  3. Sir Pig....what I got outta your initial post was 'what is an expert?'. Especially when it comes to determining what is 'my' cigar. Great question, made me think of those so called NFL analysts or 'experts' who follow the NFL draft and predict who each team will absolutely pick when their draft position comes up. 99% of the time they're wrong!!!!! I've been enjoying CC for less than a year. early on I tried to consume as many different marca's as well as different sizes based on what I read and heard (those I like I continued to smoke, those I didn't like I sheepishly pawned off on my friends) in hopes of finding 'my' cigar. Move to current times and I've seen/learned that when it comes to myself..what I like, prefer........ I am my own expert. I've seen too many times (and learned the hard way) when a journalist or blogger readily pushed a certain cigar, pushing me to buy a box, only to find it didn't do anything for me. Over time, I've found that no one can predict what I prefer/like than myself. I still do enjoy reading reviews, more so to see if I agree or disagree on their findings. Its when I see someone market themselves as expert, do I stand back and give them the political stare..... pardon the rant, just wanted to express my simple opinion.
  4. The golf course was not invented to knock around a little white ball, but to have a place and excuse to smoke a fine cigar...... 'unknown'
  5. Appreciated reading your review, as the PLPC is one of my goto cigars. Look forward to reading your review of this same cab after its aged a few years!!!!
  6. Totally agree with purging from time to time. I do this with my smokes and can really tell the difference right after purging. Its like its been cleaned out and ready to go again with some sweet tastes.
  7. I would wait to spend this kind of money on some aged stock that comes up for sale on the 24. I would look for some older 898 or Siglo IV's.
  8. Yayyyyy....2/2 now. Congrats to all that got it right. (though I tried to bribe Lisa for some insider info...she held firm!!!)
  9. gotta laugh how the subject of this thread is totally lost now....
  10. 5 cabs of PLPC (50)...not sure if thats going deep, but its my new go to cigar and will be for awhile.
  11. I might be in the minority, but my 7 are: Punch Punch Por Larranaga PC LGC MO'4 SLR Regios Cohiba Siglo III JL Selection 2 R&J Wide Churchill
  12. I used to go watch the Astros when they played in the Astrodome....ahhhh, such memories. reminds me of just how old I am, LOL
  13. no matter how bad I am at golf...being able to smoke a fine cuban on the golf course makes every round a memorable one. golf and cigars go together like peppers and onions.
  14. not really doing 'that'....but have built up my inventory over the last 6 months to the point I'm buying wayyyyyyy less nowadays, and enjoying what I've bought. Unlike buying just singles nowadays, I try to buy nothing but aged stock. so far it seems to be working....
  15. I've been retired for a few years now so everyday is the beginning of a four day weekend :-)
  16. I'm still going with Tiger Woods for a miracle comeback to win.....oh, and parti short with crown and coke :-)
  17. playing golf...then watching even more golf (Masters) on TV.
  18. yayyyyyyy....got this one right. I haven't smoked a punch in ages, but recognized that punch essence. Loved the cigar enough to buy the cab on the 24 yesterday. Note: I tried everything I could to bribe Lisa in giving me some insider info on this cigar. Complimented her on her beauty, offered to fly her out to Vegas for the weekend, even sent her flowers (ok, not actual flowers...that would have been to obvious to her coworkers) and she didn't budge a bit. Kudos to her

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