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  1. I hear you man. Just finished second round of antibiotics for a now month long sinus infection. Still on an intranasal steroid. Tried to smoke a cigar a few times. None of them were enjoyable and probably made my situation worse. Like I have read here, just wait till I'm clear of it and rest up. Cigars will only get better with time. Just hard to wait it out.
  2. For sure. Great reason to get out of the Bay Area for a weekend. I'd drag a couple of buddies with me. Bring the MTB as well...hopefully it'll be after the snow melts. Maybe a poker tournament as well??
  3. Thx. Nice review. I have some singles and may burn one tonight.
  4. Thx. You have it good up there for MTB. Used to be up there quite a bit. Liked Mt. Rose to Tunnel Creek, round the Flume and down that TRT singletrack. Toads of course. Then head over to the humidor at Montbleu for a cigar. Great rides. Have to rent a place up there next summer.
  5. Love Tahoe. Great mt. bike riding up there. Missed getting up there this summer. Sax man-cc is ready and has been deployed this PM. This could get expensive. Thsnks for the welcome guys.
  6. New to the forum from the SF Bay Area. I've been lurking for a bit and like what I see here. Hope to get to know you guys and get in on some great boxes. There's some impressive knowledge and experience on the forum. Eric

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