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  1. Most reliable for me is either Mag 46 or JL#2 Least reliable has been Monte #2, but when they're good they're good!
  2. That thing looks amazing but better for someone who doesn't collect full boxes and has money to burn.
  3. Next time try putting a ball of cling wrap in the decanter with the TCA wine and shake it, it definitely removes most of the TCA taste but probably effects overall wine flavor .. for a reduction you should be fine.
  4. 1948 Graham & 1978 Red Rock Terrace both where quite amazing, the Graham was unbelievably youthful.
  5. Incredible pictures! Thanks for posting, now if only I could find a box or two..
  6. That's a nice looking box of fakes as there obviously is no 2016 Cohiba Sublimes
  7. Holy $hit! Those things look like they went through an olive oil bath!!
  8. You've got nothing to worry about here! Other than spending all of your money on incredible boxes.
  9. BBF Lusitania Sir Winston Mag 46 Hoyo Double Corona Monte 1 Esplendidos
  10. I broke a bottle of 1927 Croft vintage port and my last bottle of 1896 Dow was corked. Needless to say I wasn't so happy!
  11. Ha! usually I'm not at all, but I seem to have gotten some nice boxes recently. What's your professional opinion? You sure look at more stuff than I can ever imagine!

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