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  1. Notes on #1 blind taste test 52x 140 Belicosos
    Draw at cold good
    Good aroma , slight barnyard
    Start 10:03am
    At first light, burning well with slight hay taste and retrohale of shortbread medium to full flavor
    End of first third
    Still lots of bread and mild white pepper
    Ash drop 10:28
    Half way point
    A dry hay taste coming in.
    Burn has been good, no touch up necessary
    Creaminess coming in at the second third.
    Still bread on the retrohale
    End 10:50
    Overall. Very tasty.

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  2. I’ve been reading lately about cigar sick period. You can smoke freshly rolled cigars for a few weeks then you have to wait up to or over a year before they start tasting good again. I’ve experienced some sourness in some of the custom Cuban rolls. Can any explain what happens during this period.



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  3. Maybe this is Tiger's bottom. I know for me, the only way for me to stop, was the intervention of a police officer. None of us are immune from addiction, whether alcohol or drugs ( prescription or illicit). Nobody is so high or important that when the fall, from celebrities or sports figures, comes we are all shocked and surprised. We are all human and fallible. I pray for him and his family. If he can muster some humility and get help, there is always hope!

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  4. I've been rolling my own cigars for over a year now. Love mixing up different filler , binder and wrapper combinations. You have the opportunity to tweak at that point. Smoke them fresh or put them down for a few months. I don't pay any taxes on the loose leaf (yet)! Give it a try. No real experience needed. Great tutorials on YouTube. Great hobby.

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