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  1. Gents, will be spending next week (April 2019) in Quebec. Anyone currently there that has the lay of the land in terms of cigars? I know Montreal has a nice LCDH, and I plan on taking a trip down there for a day of relaxation. Any decent stock or sticks to look for there? Thanks -
  2. Wow - what a small world, was just scrolling through here and looked to see if I had replied to this thread. Ive been to Tallinn a few times, and the Oak Lounge is a favorite spot. IMO the service and selection are better than Sigari Maja, however - the damp musty cellar seems to add its own bit of flavor to the cigars, IMO. Thats not the small world part - however, I am from Arkansas as well, and routinely travel over the Sweden and the Baltic. If you are still active on here, drop me a PM!
  3. Yeah.... most CAN afford it. If you could not afford to pay an extra $60 a box you should not be smoking premium cigars. But with that being said, the question of SHOULD you pay the extra $60 comes into play. And that is how this got off topic. Make no mistake.... $750 is already an astronomical amount for the average person to spend on a box of cigars, which they will literally burn... albeit deriving pleasure from the act... But as you continue to raise prices... in this instance, above $800 for one box of cigars, the cost / benefit is significantly diminished. Which leads me, even as someone who is not much concerned with price, to search for cheaper alternatives as a way to supplement my favorite Cuban marcas. Its is not a question of "can I afford it" but rather... "should I buy these? or "Are they worth this?". Maybe I would like to purchase a great box of NCs and a nice bottle of wine - for the same price, etc... The free market always has alternatives..
  4. I do as well, I was simply throwing out a higher dollar NC stick that I always tend to enjoy when in the mood. I dont care for any of the Padron line, only a few Davidoff, and a select few Fuente sticks.
  5. Capt, just have to get out there and try different brands and sticks. There is a never ending list of new NC cigars, which can be a bit daunting. But each of these listed below are smooth, delicious smokes that belong right there with their Cuban counterparts. I smoke both Cubans and NCs every week... and there is not an enormous gap in terms of flavor and overall enjoyment. A few of my favorite Go-To NCs are - Warped / Guardian of the Farm Lonsdale : $8 a stick Oliva Serie V Lancero : $7 a stick LFD La Volcada Churchill: $10 a stick Fuente Opus X Petite Lancero : $20 a stick
  6. Simple supply and demand - Cubans are already significantly more expensive on a whole, than any other cigars on the market. And until the sales slow and HSA sees that prices are getting too high, this will continue. For me, money is not much an issue when determining what to smoke - and I assume its much the same for many of you. However, I still wont pay needlessly high prices for a product that is marginally better, at best. Point being - I will be picking and choosing which Cubans I buy. The days of having a humidor stocked to the gills with Cubans simply because seems, well, a bit pointless. There are many non-cuban marcas out there that are quite frankly, just as good as their cuban counterparts. Often times at about 1/3rd of the price.
  7. In my guesstimation, Iceland was more expensive to drink.... but it sure is close. I remember my shock and horror when I bought a 12 pack of Carlsberg in Oslo.... $45 usd Wasnt going to let that ruin my NYE though.... girls there are more than hot enough to warrant the absorbent alcohol prices
  8. Thinking about going to Cuba with my girlfriend here in a couple weeks as a way to wrap up the summer. Whats it like now for those of us from the US? Has it become a lot harder, more stressful, etc? We are wanting this to be a week of relaxation - Im not worried about how many cigars I can bring back, etc. Prob just grab a box or two and some customs. Mainly interested in the process of getting to and from, visa, etc. Any help from those of you who have made the trip recently would be great!
  9. SpB has one spot to hit, and one spot only.... (thats worth a damn) and thats Cigar House Havana or in Russian, Сигарный Дом Гавана. Its a few miles down Nevsky Prospect from the Church on Spilled Blood, when you get into SPB type "Гавана" in google maps, it should come up. You will want to add the Russian keyboard assuming you have an iphone, as most translations to english for shops, etc suck and will take you to the wrong place or wont show up unless its in Russian. The staff is great, they dont speak a ton of english (not many people do) but they will take care of you. The exchange rate from USD is good, so you will enjoy that. If you have any questions let me know, I lived there for 6 months and know my way around. Enjoy your trip!
  10. I use a V cut on everything and have found that the Xicar works perfect, even on torpedos. Does as little damage to the cap as possible, and always gives me a perfect draw unless the cigar is plugged. Its a preference thing of course - but I honestly dont know why anyone would ever use anything else.
  11. Completely agree, and this has been my experience as well.
  12. Scientifically? Who knows. But- subjectively, I think there is a difference. However, only in aged stock. I can truthfully say that the 3 best regular production cigars I have ever smoked were tubos, all three aged for significant periods. One 5 years, one 7 years, the other about 15. All out of this world good, and smooth as hell. There seems to be something to the fact they are sealed in the tubes. Whether that is the fact they are not exposed to outside air, the moisture stays more consistent, etc. No idea. I just know that I am a tubos fan, and have stock put away for aging.
  13. Any plan to do the Trinidad Topes EL 2016? I dont remember you doing that one, and I personally love it. Great review guys~
  14. Monte Especial No 2 Epi No1 Punch Punch My top 3 at the moment - absolutely sublime

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