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  1. A Chardonnay from Charles Woodson - who knew?
  2. Stillwell Star English No.27 Going to give this a shot - This line has pipe tobacco incorporated into the blend.
  3. Agreed. I use a Tupperware-like container with a small dish of distilled water in the corner and a sponge standing up as a wick with my discharged bovedas stored inside.
  4. But my friend knows someone who works in the factory...
  5. Anyone up for split(s)? A roundabout way for some of us to secure samplers?
  6. I use sensorpush. Your post says "wireless" - the sensorpush puck uses Bluetooth. If you want wireless access from anywhere, you have to buy the wireless hub. The app has over the top data collection with user set notification points for rH or temp. The batteries lasted me about 3 years. Have other questions, just ask.
  7. I honestly don't see a forecasted end of life for mine. Recharge by storing in sealed container with distilled water in a tray with a sponge as a wick.
  8. A recent PM prompted me to come back and post a few pics. Absolutely love it.
  9. I'm a bit north of you (between the IE and PalmSprings, but visit SD often. Welcome.
  10. Didn't notice a notification here, hence the late reply. It's not that putting a 69 boveda pack in a wooden humidor magically gives me a 66 but rather it starts at 69 goes to 68 goes to 67 etc and just buys me a bit more time to rotate it out, of that makes sense.
  11. What's the function of said cooler? Is this going to be to put monthly orders in to take a long nap? Or is this going to be your daily humidor opening and closing multiple times a day? If the former, a single 320 will do it - in fact, you may have to take it out for a day every couple months to release moisture depending on how wet your cigars ship. If the later, one would probably still do it, but you might want a second staged to rotate in as the other comes to need recharging.
  12. If you think you got a defective humidor (bad joint) then by all means call 'em on it. But with that said, I run 69s in my "good" wooden humidor and 72s in my cheap one because they'll never seal to the level of a sistema tupperdor.

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