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  1. I’ve definitely discovered that the Padron thousand series evolve fantastically over the course of 2-3 years
  2. Had this one for the first time last night and I gotta say, it’s worth trying. Honduran Cameroon is a very interesting flavor. No pepper or strength. I’m not going to say cubanesque but very much a Cuban cousin. Recommend trying.
  3. @El Presidente - curious if you ended up trying anything that went into the 94+ range when all was said and done.
  4. Reporting on another NC attempt: Illusione CG4. Unfortunately this one wasn’t as good as the Daughters of the Wind I had a few weeks back. There’s a subtle bakers chocolate that’s trying to get through but it’s overshadowed by the typically Nicaraguan earth. In the end, this felt pretty plain to me unfortunately. More trials to come soon.
  5. Had a daughters of the wind robusto today based on your all recommendation and I have to say - you guys were right. Tons of sweet coffee with cream and leather in this one. No strength and no pepper. Just a great smoke! Looking forward to trying some of the other recos!
  6. @El Presidente Curious, which Illusione & Aganorsa Lanceros lines are you loving?
  7. I would recommend trying a Fuente Anejo as well
  8. I’ve always felt like Tatuajes for the most part lean more in the direction of both pepper and strength. Especially since most are rolled at Garcia
  9. I would agree with La Fuerza and PLPC, RyJ. In general, I find that the sweetness comes with age across all of the marcas.
  10. Curious if anyones tried the Hamlet series from Rocky Patel. I’m not normally a big RP fan but my understanding is he’s the same Hamlet as behind the Nudies, correct? Curious if there was any spillover from his genius there.
  11. Had this one last night and I have to say it falls under that category I’ve been searching for. No pepper at all. Mild-medium in strength but great flavor and body. Lots of caramel and leather. I think it hit top 10 on halfwheel last year.
  12. @Digi that's interesting, I'll have to check them out. Also, I haven't heard of Epernay L'Alphiniste specifically. Is that a tweaked blend of the original Epernay?
  13. Please comment here when you have one. Would love hear your thoughts on it!

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