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  1. Cancer survivor here. Brain. No medical link to cigars, so I'll keep smoking my 3-4 per day. I always tell doc I smoke the occasional cigar. I mean, that's relative, right?
  2. Anyone have any awesome tips for keeping your vehicle smelling fresh? Got a new truck and a long daily commute, so obviously, I want to get in some smoke time. Activated charcoal and dryer sheets look promising. How about gadgets like this? Gadget
  3. The flavor profile suggested RA to me. I haven't smoked a lot of VR, but they've never knocked my socks off like RA. I thought cigar #5 was fantastic.
  4. Also, I want to give @Texwrangler a big GUNS UP from Raiderland. ^ Female cheerleaders
  5. Wow, that last one was especially tough. Had to use process of elimination to the best of my ability. I have never smoked the RA Gigantes, but I can always count on RA delivering a tasty stick, and that was certainly a tasty stick. Thank you for the congratulations, everyone. Fun competition for sure. I'm sure my wife will be proud of her cigar addict husband when I tell her the good news in the morning haha. Thanks for putting on the competition, FOH. I look forward to the next one!
  6. I would like to verify the results. Please mail all cigars in study to me so that I can perform my own independent research. Disclaimer: I am a scientist; I do science stuff.
  7. Also, I noticed that we no longer have any undefeated participants.
  8. Enjoyed the cigar and thought it was distinctly Cohiba. Unfortunately, my wife interrupted my smoke about 1/3 through. Oh well, at least I got it right.
  9. So is it the head on the tubes that you're looking at?

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