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  1. My first box ever of D4 was from 2015 and that box was amazing. I got this green pepper taste + TWANG! that I have been searching for ever since! Oddly enough my second box was from 2010 and wasn't nearly as good. Tight draw to boot.
  2. Smoking my first one right now. Hmm.... Love the size. Its quite the stretch for me to notice any typical RA flavors. POSSIBLY i get something here and there. Probably wont go back to these for another 6 months and try again. Typical LE fail for my palate, lol. Honesty wish i had lit up a RASS instead.
  3. hmmmm. I thought I did. but if i didn't then I apologize. you said something about the masses, agreeing, quesada, etc... Anyways... The part I don't understand is how Quesada is insulted by "an inferior product being held in such high esteem throughout the world". My point is ok maybe construction is not as good as NC, but , so what. ? There is also flavor to consider as well.
  4. Lol... The market has spoken because thats what they can buy in the us. Also if i roll up some turds with perfect construction does that make it worth buying also over a cc?
  5. How DO they get that cherry flavor into R&J ? seriously. ?
  6. Thx. Ya i just picked up my first box of the RACA recently. Also traded for a few. I generally have not been a fan of LE however. I was gifted 2 RASS from 2007 and I smoked one the other day. It was truly exceptional
  7. I can generally recognize "sweetness" or bitterness. Still have not tasted "Chocolate" or "cocoa" from say a montecristo. I think i'm getting there though. Maybe eventually. I do notice things that are unique to brands, for example Ramon Allones which has become my favorite. There is something unique in there, I can taste it, but cannot describe it.
  8. I am now storing my cigars around 70F / 65% rh. I may try lowering rh in the future but for now i have all these 65% boveda bags Anyways. My central AC will be off all day tomorrow. Not sure how hot it will get, maybe mid 70s for 8 hours or so. The question is, which would be the better choice out of these 2 choices: 1) just leave my cooler where it is 2) I can move the cooler to a friends place for 9 days where the temp will be around 60F. Has to be 9 days because he is going on vacation. Which one will do the least damage? I dont freeze my cigars, but all of them have been purchased from FOH. I'm not really worried about beetles. If it ever happens then i will have to re-think it. I'm just more concerned about temp changes. Anyways, if anyone has an opinion, I thank you!
  9. but i also hear people when reviewing certain cigars, they mention, oh you can tell this is PREMIUM tobacco, implying its better than the standard tobacco that is used in all (majority of) habanos cigars. Is there such a thing as a higher quality tobacco than the standard tobacco coming out of vuelta abajo?
  10. so... what is product diluted with volado? Which cigars are we talking about here?
  11. Accountant Was good with numbers as a lad. Then i got into booze and weed in highschool and my motovation went to zero. Electronics engineering technologist Hs was ending, my grades were meh, didnt know about getting into uni, so decided on a priv college in electronics paid for by student loans. I passed all the exams but learned nothing. Still no motivation to do anything. Snooker player. If i would have moved to the uk when i was 15 or so i probably would have been pro eventually. But i didnt. Also i have a fear of playing in front of crowds lol so never even got close to winning canadian amateur championship. I ended up fixing bank machines. Still do it part time on weekends. I work in QA full time for an accounting SW company. Go figure. I still know nothing and have no motivation. When can i retire?
  12. I hate tipping. I hate the fact that it is pretty much expected and mandatory here in Canada. I would prefer to just have to pay the price I see on the menu and nothing else. Just another thing to have to worry about that there really is no need to have to worry about. Just include everything in the price. Then tell me said price. Pay your staff a decent wage and stop begging me for more money.
  13. nice review! Have you smoked any punch punch from the last couple years?
  14. Thx Phil. Ya, I dont want this thread to turn into a whole thing, its just my only 2 options are the ones I stated, so was just looking for an answer to a specific question. I have done some research on all this, but I still cannot get it straight in my head why 65rh at 70F leads to drier cigars than 65rh at 60F. I understand that at the higher temp, there would be a higher amount of water in the air (vs the lower temp), correct? But how again does that lead to the cigars being drier? I wish I could understand that part.
  15. Hello, I have a cooler and lots of boveda 65, and beads. Question is, which temp would produce drier cigars, 70f or 60f. And 2nd question, which temp would you choose out of the 2 choices? Thx!

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