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  1. Burn / roll issues like that really hurt me when they happen like that. And it's happened quite a bit to me unfortunately. Luckily the good ones almost make up for it.
  2. I'm a scotch whisky drinker but now I'm figuring I should be switching to this tawny port stuff! Nice review
  3. Cep

    Pulp Fiction...

    Tis good. And good movies are harder and harder to come by
  4. East is east and west is west, but an elephant never forgets.... Words to live by
  5. 2014 SLR SERIE A starting off quite lovely Bloody hell only one left after this
  6. Ive smoked through about 2/3 of my first cab, was waiting for this "caramel " to appear.... well tonight i think it appeared definitely the tastiest one so far. Prez says 5 years. Hmmm maybe i should listen to him more often
  7. Timely thread for me as i just recently decided to become a martini expert never had one before 3 days ago... ive had 10 now started with good ol beefeater. Not sure any vermouth makes them tastier.. ive graduated to just pouring ice cold gin into ice cold glass and calling it a night anyways... ive enjoyed Hendricks before....
  8. I enjoyed the first box of RASS i bought a few years ago. I then traded a member here and received 7 or 8 2007 RASS. Ummmmmm ya i was blown away. They were incredibly sweet and had those signature RASS flavors. I have been chasing that experience ever since. Yet to find it. I also agree about the wrappers. These RASS had light non oily wrappers. I would love to trade someone for some RASS from 2007ish.... pm me i have a bit of everything in the OLH
  9. 2010 D4 My first smoke in a long while. Past midnight here with an extremely rare week off so finally had time to enjoy a fine havana Construction A+ which always makes me feel better about life. Typical d4 flavours but a tad muted. Still pretty decent
  10. Agree with everything you said but sometimes you just gotta want it more than the other guy. Just win baby!!
  11. Go pens. They had a chance to really be considered a dynasty and fulfill the prophecy. I cant believe Sid let them lose. Anyways nice for Ovi. I guess...
  12. I also dont believe in saving anything for a "special" occasion. This moment is special enough for me. But honestly either way it won't make any difference because when yer dead nothing you've done or not done will matter anyways, you will just be gone. I dont mean you wont matter to the ppl that love you. Just i cant see it mattering how much you've done or not since in the end it's all over for you.
  13. 100% for me also. But looks like everyone scores 100%
  14. heh. i did not know that american cigs were made that way. I just assumed it was actual tobacco.
  15. ya, tried it before, cant remember results other than i just had to worry about my room temp too much. Anyways i havent really solved anything, spoke too soon. the top is a bit cooler now thats all. may add more fans at some point, but for now, screw it! So much headache for me the last few years. If i ever have the coin i will invest in something that really works.
  16. Well, i figured out the temp issue. I added a small fan to the top section and immediately the temp started to come down a lot. So theres an air flow issue. Will see how it goes with the extra fan.
  17. @PapaDisco ya u could be right about the temps. I think the hygros are good but i think you may be correct about the temps at different times and in different areas in the cooler. Honestly i dont know why its so confusing lol. And yes i agree. It seems like a great way to have stable rh.
  18. Boveda. Ya i dont think its the drain hole. It seems sealed well and its pretty small. Im leaning towards the rubber seal on the door. But i really dont know. Its pretty frustrating. But i thought i found a good solution with the plastic containers. Im sure there are negatives though. But i dont mind not having the boxes. Its a very small cooler. 12 bottle. The thing i hate about it is even though the temp is on highest setting which is 64f it still gets 4 to 5f lower inside. I would have been quite happy with 64f. 60f is a bit lower than i really wanted. But who knows my cigars could be lovely in 5 years.

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