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  1. First cigar this year, approx 3 yr old CORO. It made me so happy! No touchups. It must be a sign that the stock market is close to bottoming
  2. PLPC from 2015, best smoke I've had in quite some time. I wish I could have great experiences like this more often but doesnt seem to happen (I liked the rum also!)
  3. Interesting. I recently applied for and was accepted for a 10 year term policy with no physical required. I told them I used to smoke cigs like years ago but havent smoked cigs for years. Initially the policy was a smoker rate, but I then got it changed to non smoker rate. It's not a huge policy.. my first ever life insurance. I only got it because my gf bitches about me riding a motorcycle. I guess I cant blame her I've been riding for 2 years and have broken my collarbone and then my right elbow But my question is when do they normally require physicals? Has covid changed things? and also when you die do they inspect your body for signs of tobacco use?? My guy says basically once you're approved you can do whatever you want ?
  4. Isn't is as simple as dont smoke for a month, get a policy. ?
  5. I find it funny and sad how there are so many ppl getting so butthurt over electric cars. The amount of false information out there is amazing. Electric cars are better in every way than ICE cars. The sooner the better.
  6. 2007 RASS I got a few in a trade with a member here. Smoked in 2017. The first one I tried blew my mind. Never experienced such sweetness it was incredible. Havent been able to find it again.
  7. I rarely have a chance to just totally relax and enjoy a cigar these days. I decided to take the afternoon off and visit a friend on one of our last days of summer here in Toronto. Lit up a Dip 2 sept 16 gifted from a member here. I'm enjoying it tremendously so I felt compelled to post it. Having some unknown rum with it but maybe its el Dorado 15 ? Very very good to me. I cant get my buddy into scotch whisky but rum is his flavor of the week Cigar is burning absolutely perfect which is a very rare occurrence for me!!! It makes a huge difference. I'm getting a slight bell pepper. Which I love. Had it in a d4 only once or twice. I will definitely have to grab a box of these in the future. Hope u all have a great weekend
  8. Nice review I got major green pepper from D4 a few years ago. It was so amazing at the time. Been searching for it ever since. Haven't found it again.
  9. I liked casino royale, but jeeez the poker scenes were laughable at best (unforgivable at worst).
  10. i very much look forward to the day when I have the time and space to devote 2+ hours to a cigar. I have a 10 count in my humidor that will be waiting for me. (might be a long wait :P) Nice job Ken!
  11. Can I ask a silly question? What is it about this topic that leads to bans? What could possibly be said that is so problematic?
  12. Yet the rams almost won if not for a dropped pass for a TD
  13. Heh, I enjoyed my evening watching the game. Could do without halftime and Commercials and umpteen anthems. I can't wait until sport does away with all this singing.
  14. Once I'm gone none of this matters. (To me). So I say let's wait and see.
  15. My little ninja 250r I've had 1 season on 2 wheels so far. Hope to get a 600 this year. We shall see
  16. Wow some people really are having the life aren't they :P sad world. nice pics.
  17. First RASS from a SOM MAR-16 box Faith in cigars restored! Burn was perfect to the end. (I had a horrible time with a UTE Feb-16 box of RASCC they would not burn properly, underfilled)
  18. "Appreciated! I would definitely consider dual zone if future wife allows me to enjoy cigars" I cringed slightly there haha.
  19. Yep 10 draws to start is insane lol What is it only 2 classical games left and if still tied they go into more rapid games to decide it? I love dynasties in sports generally, so i was rooting for Magnus to win. But seems like Caruana can steal this and become champ. Would be nuts!!!

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