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  1. cigar: PL Panatelas, I am a sucker for cheap and cheerful, music: My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade. Their influences were Pink Floyd, Queen, and solid rock and roll structure. I lost a mate to cancer this year, and this album is really helping me through. reading: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson I reread it frequently, it is fascinating, and I learn something new every time. T.V. "People of Earth" American. and "Back" U.K. with Mitchel and Webb. I recently watched a show called "Spirited" with Claudia Karvan From Aus. Cinema: Waiting for another bloody Star Wars movie, again. beverage: My homemade Ginger Beer still has my attention. I built a kegerator for it. hobby: Studying Landscape Architecture so that I can fix up my garden in the style of Frederick Law Olmsted. I am a hopeless nerd.
  2. Google is for hacks, everyone knows the best images are on Bing these days, at least that is what a friend told me.
  3. I received a of a pack of H. Upmanns recently, my usual brand is American Spirit light blues. The tobacco was quite good, if a bit strong, however, when I returned to the room after a trip outside, I was compelled to check the bottom of my shoes, and search the house for something to clean up. While I am pleased to say that the new puppy, "Piper" was innocent this time, I am no longer allowed to "enjoy" Cuban cigarettes in the house.
  4. Before there was Autotune, we had four part harmony, Freddy and the boys were masters of it. For a guy who, as I understand it, did not particularly care for fat bottomed girls, I respect the fact that he was able to sing so passionately about them. To top it off, he sang his own eulogy. Every time I hear the song The Show Must Go On, I am not to proud to admit that it brings a tear to my eye.
  5. Now that my spine only bends below the navel, and above the sternum, this has become much more of an issue for me. On the bright side, I can now preform a nearly effortless Robot dance, so I have that going for me, which is nice.
  6. Sure you can, the problem is "society" frowns on it. On the bright side, stupid is often a self cleaning oven.
  7. Left hand facing in, My right hand spends way too much time in tight spaces with sharp edges.
  8. If you like these, I would seriously consider picking up a box of Monte Puritos. If you are not familiar with them, you will probably find them to be a pleasant surprise.
  9. "Could you smoke that Serie D No. 4 in the living room? I just think it a waste to let those subtle notes float away outside."
  10. Hey guys, I have been smoking CCs for just almost a year now, since then I have graduated from a small desktop humidor to 2 desktop humidors and then onward to my beloved Aristocrat End Table. I have made 3 road trips from Portland to B.C. for cigars, and I keep track of friends and family when they travel so that I can have them pick up REs for me. I think I may need to get one of these if I keep going https://www.amazon.com/TeeStars-Mens-Camp-Winnipesaukee-T-shirt/dp/B00SH58476
  11. I have the best kid in the world. My daughter was visiting London over Christmas, and popped in to James J. Fox to pick these up for me. Por Larranaga Sobresalientes 2014 UK Regional Edition. I can't even be bothered by one cracked foot.
  12. When I got started I bought a soda stream to make carbonated water. I became quickly irritated with the cost of the co2 bottles so I bought an adapter on the interwebs and started using standard 5 pound tanks. The next thing to go was the soda stream branded bottles. I found an adapter to let me use regular plastic soda bottles with the machine, but I had to buy a 3D printer to make it. So now I have that too. Once the carbonated water was sorted out, I started making the Ginger Beer Syrup at first I used a concentrate flavor I found at a local homebrew store (Picture below) I mix 1/2 bottle with about 25 oz of simple syrup and use about 2 ounces of my syrup to make a liter of soda at a time. If I had it all to do over again, I would have just bought a kegerator on craigslist, and used that to make my carbonated water. If you like a little bit of a spicy kick to your gingerale, a little bit of chili oil will spice your syrup right up.

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