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  1. 17’ Fonseca No.1. I don’t post here often but I’ve been insanely impressed with this cigar for the last 2 years. Working on my 4th box and it’s become my favorite “go-to” cigar. Always satisfied!
  2. 1. Just about all political "discussions".. 2. Poor ventilation. 3. Poor parking.
  3. Cordova cigars is a fantastic lounge and one I used to frequent. Great selection and even better people!
  4. Earlier today I smoked a wonderful Fonseca No.1 dated UTL JUL 17. I received this box only a few days ago from 24:24 and though I usually wait the 60-90 days..I couldn't resist lighting one up. The cigar started off a bit muted but still had a very nice balance to it and also had a very "velvety" mouthfeel and flavor....until the halfway point. About 40 mins into the cigar I started tasting what I believe to be ammonia and the mouthfeel of the cigar started to change as well. I then had to set the cigar down and very quickly and got a headache that took hours to shake. So all that to say, is it ammonia that caused the cigar the taste funny and give me a headache or maybe just the RH and/or nicotine? Thanks!
  5. Major correction, Colorado*. My apologies! This site seems to have it in stock if you are interested.
  6. Ould Tom Gin distilled by Downslope distilling in Chicago. Insanely excellent and complex.
  7. Slight correction- Anything under 2 years cannot be called a “straight bourbon whiskey”. The term “straight bourbon whiskey” is when the spirits reaches and exceeds 2 years in the barrel. And 4 years to be a “bottled-in-bond”..with a few other requirements.
  8. Thanks for the quick info, they were purchased from our host here. They were also a HQ/PSP box. After hearing everyones feedback i will definitely freeze them!
  9. Hello everyone I received a box of RJ belicosos and one of the cigars on the bottom row has a large beetle hole in the wrapper that digs down to the filler. I have taken that cigar out and isolated it. I checked all the other cigars and the feet look fine and the wrappers are fine as well. This box will be smoked within a years time...should I be worried? This isn't my first beetle problem, just the first time it's 1 cigar and not 4 or 5!
  10. 2001 Cohiba Lancero. Surprisingly flavorful despite the bland and ugly wrapper. The only flavors coming through on a strong retro is milk and cedar notes. I can only imagine a oily wrapper on this would make it a lot better. Oh well! Still awesome ?
  11. 15’ PSD4 paired with some Alabama Straight Bourbon. Delicious

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