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  1. Definitely agree with you, that's the most logical conclusion and course of action. Mold spores are everywhere and if you get humidity you can easily get mold to start reproducing and eating whatever it's on. I see it all the time when I walk into any cigar shop that goes overboard with humidification and all their sticks are like 75%+ RH. Tons of boxes with mold ("plume") on them. If I really wanted a particular stick and my only choice was one that had a little "plume" on the wrapper I'd still get it and just brush it off. Would I pick another if I could? Yes. I think that's a little different since specific cheese cultures are used vs. whatever random cultures growing on your cigar. I would say a good rule of thumb is avoid if you can, brush it off when it happens, and don't let it get out of hand to where it starts to rot the cigar. This is why i go through my cigars pretty regularly and don't like leaving them in boxes where I'm less likely to open and check each one.
  2. Another vote for Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 I have a reasonably well aged one left and it's just begging to be smoked.
  3. I think he just had a kid, but based on Instagram posts he may be back to doing custom orders. https://www.etsy.com/shop/kennyg16d https://www.instagram.com/kennyg16d/
  4. I had this bad boy custom made to my specs by a guy from Etsy.
  5. Thans gang! I love all your pictures on this board so I'm glad others like mine . Man tell me about it. I'm exactly the same. I know if I ripped out all but one shelf in my wineador I could fit way more cigars in boxes or bulk. However like you my OCD is satisfied by neatly spread out cigars. I really do enjoy picking out a cigar from the neatly organized trays when it's time to smoke. It's like being in a candy store! What looks good today? I usually use the bigger top tray/box (you can see it's edge in first photo) to store excess duplicate cigars in disorganized bulk. The bulk stays unseen by my OCD!
  6. Hey guys, wanted to share some photos of my wineador and pics of my current stock . Most of these are some of my favorites and a couple of gifted random cigars.
  7. I'll second that, the Dalwhinnie 15 is IMO very very well priced for what it is. I always have a bottle kicking around somewhere in my stash.
  8. Enjoyed a nice Maduro 5 and some liquor to wind down this exciting end to 2015. Hope everyone else had a great night!
  9. I had one of these Petit Edmundo's just the other day, I enjoyed it as well. Had a double edmundo the other night which was good too, but I think got a little too intense and bitter towards the end for my liking. I think the petit emdmundo is the better pick.
  10. Glad to see others from Houston .
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to this board and wanted to join to see if this is the right community for me. So far seems like a lot of great info so I'm pretty excited. I'm a big fan of cigars in general, although cuban cigars aren't always on the menu I do try to keep some stock . Currently I'm enjoying a nice Montecristo Double Edmundo which I picked up from an LCdH on a recent trip. I also recently ordered a box of Partagas Serie P No. 2 which I really like and a box of Bolivar Belicosos Finos which I also am a big fan of. Also got some individual sticks of Cohiba Robustos, Secretos and Piramedes Extra Tubos on the way!

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