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  1. Good to know, I'll definitely try to check out Casa De Montecristo, have you been to Espanola on Miami beach? That was another one that came up during my search. Everyone tells me Tootsies is the best place to smoke a cigar though
  2. Has anyone gone before? Any recommendations or must do things while in Miami?
  3. Modern huntsman looks great in that list, I’ll definitely make a note of it
  4. The last couple of years one of the things I’ve gotten my dad for Christmas is a different coffee table book. Last year was probably the biggest hit with “A Man and His Watch” from @MIKA27 “Stuff” thread. Does anyone have a favorite they could reccomend? I’ve done watches and cigars in the past and was thinking cars or more specifically Mercedes this year?
  5. I watched it last night, the first was better but I still liked it
  6. Yes, Total Wine was out but NH liquor still has some. It was really good
  7. I've never tried either, something new to add to the list
  8. We were mainly looking for french or Italian restaurants but ended up being so busy we never really even had time for a sit down dinner. Great long weekend though and we plan on going back in October.
  9. Im going to NYC for a long weekend at the end of the month with some friends and am looking for some restaurant recommendations? We're staying in the lower east side but will be all over the city throughout our stay. Bar recommendations welcome as well ( we're all 24-27)
  10. How this came up on my Instagram discover tab I have no idea, but is this an exact twin of El Pres or what?
  11. A little background on him:

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