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  1. That would be a winning bet wabasher. That was 1987 I believe...Wow, almost 30 years ago. Crazy how time flies.

    I vaguely recall him coming down for a rehab assignment once. I got to watch his act as a September call up in 87'. He was a fierce competitor and true professional. He knew how to pitch and had a filthy, "good night" curve-ball. He didn't over use it like most pitchers do. I think he has a no-no or perfect game during his career....I got traded over to Texas that winter so i didn't have to face that snap dragon during my career.

    Which was nice! :)

    I grew up watching Juan Marichal, Lius Tiant and "Nando" Valenzuela.....emulated those guys as a kid. Loved those guys....

    Popping the popcorn and making sure there are plenty of cold adult beverages for tonight's game. Can't wait. I hope it's a good game. I'm leaning towards the Indians as Tito Francona is a friend/Arizona alum. He had a lot more hair back then...:lol: 

    BTW...my post game cigar/bev. will be a HU mag 46 and Aberlour Abunadh....



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