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  1. Band off for me.....I'm a closet hardcore nubber and have the wounds to prove it. ? Bad habit I guess??
  2. Monte Especial's???

  3. That was awesome! Aggressive little buggers...I'm thinking maybe a Boogle bug popper and watch the water fly!
  4. shorts look worth the price.....

  5. I was wondering if anyone else has had difficulties. I have two that won't ignite. It sparks fine and there seems to be plenty of gas(quintuple refined butane) flow. I will empty the fuel cell and refill and adjust position of the igniter.....thanks for the heads up!
  6. I've heard there was a scorching heatwave over there.....could it be all those candles on the birthday cake??? Coincidence.....Hmmmmm??? Wishing you and your family a extraordinary day.....Happy Birthday El Presidente!!!
  7. 1. Falcons 2. L. Blount 3. D Freeman 4. D Freeman and the tiebreaker.....??? Lady Gaga's hair will be purple at some point of the show....
  8. You want to bring the heat and raise the mercury.....Booker's neat. Silver medal goes to Old Weller's Antique.....feel the burn!
  9. Merry Christmas to all of you too....you guys are the best! Truly first class....it's a pleasure to be a small part of your FOH family. Enjoy your down time and see you next year. Thank you!
  10. Genius never dies. RIP Leonard, you will live on through your music..... Everybody knows.....
  11. Sadly indeed.....its the same over here. Robust debate used to solve some of these differences. Not any more...to all our chagrin. Oh well...
  12. Wow! A ban for a year??? Are we not all adults here?? Wow!
  13. Great place to hang out. Hope you have fun....welcome!
  14. Greetings from a fellow Zonie! Have fun...it's a great place to hang out. Basketball season is coming fast!
  15. The boys of summer put on a great show...Congrats to both teams. Enjoyed every minute of it.... ....and now an HU Mag 46 with about 3 fingers of a nice Aberlour A'bunadh....Cubs are world champs. We live in crazy times.
  16. Let me Hear ya!!!!! CUBS WIN......CUBS WIN!!!!!!
  17. I can hear Harry Carry warming up... " Cub's Win, Cubs WIN!!!"
  18. Wow! Just checked NOAA and the radar looks bad.....some pretty heavy rain on the way. It might pass a little to the north???? Great game...the winner is going to earn it that's for sure....
  19. WOW! All tied up!!! What a game.....who says baseball is boring???

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