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  1. I am interested in playing but have not played in the FOH tournament before. A couple of questions: - On which site are the games played? - How long generally does a game last? I'm free to join the game on Thursday 12th/Friday 13th if there is still room. Let me know. Thanks!
  2. I think they all do. I've had boxes that taste great right away and then don't taste that good. I let them sit and they always recover. I've had boxes that were underwhelming when I got them and that were great 2-3 years later. The only ones that never get better are those with construction issues.
  3. Ballast Point Sculpin Pliney the Elder Firestone Walker Double Jack These are a few I've enjoyed recently with cigars.
  4. He's got money but he'll be scraping by in a few years if he keeps this up. Hopefully he's smarter than he's appearing these days, but who knows? His rants are so ridiculous that it almost seems he's doing it deliberately for the publicity -- kinda like Joaquin Phoenix with his whole spaced-out "I'm going to quit acting and be a professional rapper" shtick. I hope for Sheen's sake that he's not really as messed up as he's sounding.
  5. SLR Regio or RASS, but I'm going with the Regio. Quite possibly my all-time fave CC.
  6. Sorry I could not join you guys -- hope you all had a blast!
  7. Amazing that the SLR Regios are next to the bottom of the list. Such a great cigar. JL2 as well. Those might be my top choices, along with the RASS and Hoyo Epi2.
  8. Actually, I do need to add to this that I fully believe in being a courteous and respectful smoker. I only smoke in areas where I am allowed to do so, and never try to inflict my habit on others. Obviously many smokers are very inconsiderate, and this is a huge reason why laws like this get passed that penalize everybody. Basically, I have no problem with with restaurants, airplanes, and work places being smoke free. I just think that bars should have a right to decide for themselves if they want to be a smoking establishment, and if smokers are going to be relegated to street corners to indulge their particular vice then those who support those laws shouldn't be griping about it. Allow a few "smoking" bars and clubs here and there and many of the smokers will be off the streets.
  9. Haha, good luck with that in a city of 8 million people. In my opinion, the diversity and unpredictability of NYC (or any big city) is what makes it special. There is wonder, beauty, and quite the opposite of both to be found in the big city. And while smokers may detract from the experience for some people, the non-smokers now have rule over most of the city so pardon me if I'm not completely sympathetic to all their gripes. Sometimes you just don't get everything you want in this world. They should be pleased enough with how they've changed the landscape in NYC over the past 10 years. It's a different place in many respects than when I moved away from there in 2002. :-(
  10. I've had a box of Sanchos, Beli's, and Molinos and enjoyed them all, although this was in the late '90s when I procured those smokes. I have not bought any Sancho Panzas in over a decade, mostly over worries about quality and consistency. I actually still have one of the Sanchos from around 1998 -- I will have to light that up sometime soon.
  11. Mobile stogie works pretty well but I'm too ADHD to keep up with it, so I don't really bother tracking my inventory anymore. I always have a pretty good idea of what I have.
  12. I understand the point, but there are plenty of nasty smells (especially in NYC) that people make and they aren't outlawed. How about the person in the elevator next to you wearing too far too much cheap cologne? Or the truck double-parked spewing diesel fumes as they unload their goods? Believe me, walking down the streets and avenues of NYC and going through a cloud of cigarette smoke is probably one of the least noxious and annoying fumes that any New Yorker has to deal with throughout the course of the day. I used to love walking around in Manhattan and getting a whiff of somebody smoking a cigar or a pipe. That smells good to me. Yeah, cigarettes stink, but they're pretty minor on the nuisance scale when you're in NYC.
  13. What crap! When I lived in NYC one of the great joys was going to Central Park on a beautiful day (or even a brisk fall day or a snowy winter day) and enjoying a fine smoke. The thing they don't understand is if NYers can't smoke in bars, or their cramped apartments, or outside, there is nowhere else to go. A-holes!
  14. I think that's a killer setup. I'd use that and I live in California! Congrats on a job well done.
  15. I had a JL #2 with the El Dorado on Monday and it was a fantastic pairing. Wonderful. I'm drinking some Zacapa XO right now and it's not tasting as good as I remember the El Dorado tasting.
  16. Just tried some of this the other day. Had never heard of it, but I see it goes for about the same as a bottle of Zacapa 23 YO. I was very pleasantly surprised by this rum. I found it to be super smooth and very tasty. Definitely an outstanding sipping rum. Anybody else familiar with this stuff?
  17. I lived in London for a year in the early '70s when I was a kid and Leeds was one of the top teams back then. How'd they fall so far? I remember Derby County was also up there. Of course that was before the EPL -- the top division back then was Division 1.
  18. Lisa, In SF go to Gary Danko's (although it's not cheap) and also try Luna Park in the Mission. For pizza, check out Cafe Delfina (also in the Mission). I also hear the new Bar Agricole is pretty awesome for food and great cocktails. Oh, you should also check out Smuggler's Cove for awesome rum cocktails (although it's best to get there near opening time at 5pm because the place is small and fills up fast). I'll let you know if I think of any other cool places. Andy
  19. I think Man U will take it as well, but the Spurs are going to win the Champions League!
  20. I seem to be one of the few here in the US who finds Padrons to be vastly overrated. I used to like the Anniversarios years ago when they were first introduced -- and I still try one every now and then -- but have not had one I've enjoyed in years. And the prices are just ridiculous. If I'm going to smoke a Nicaraguan cigar I'll take a Tatuaje or some of the other Pepin-Garcia smokes.
  21. The Draw Poker does not work. If you have a truly plugged, or even a tight cigar, there is really nothing you can do to fix it. It sucks and, unfortunately, I think plugged/tight cigars are still somewhat of a problem with Cuban cigars. It's nothing like 2000 or 2001 where you had whole boxes that were fence posts, but I still find about 2 out of every 10 smokes to be plugged these days. Yes, my humidor is a tad wet (around 69%) but I dry box these things for a good 5-7 days to make sure they have a chance to dry out and I'm still encountering more plugged/tight cigars than I'd like.

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