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  1. And Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner pitched a one-hit shutout tonight against the Reds to make it four straight shutouts for the Giants, which is a franchise record. You won't find better pitching anywhere than in SF, and they actually have a few hitters as well this year. Check it out!
  2. I can't believe nobody has said it but SF GIANTS!!! One of the great "old" franchises in the game playing in one of the most beautiful stadiums in all of MLB. And they have the best pitching staff in the game! Matt Cain threw a perfect game earlier this month, and their pitching staff is going lights out and their "best" pitcher (Tim Lincecum) still hasn't found his mojo just yet (well, it looks like he's starting to pull it together after his last two starts). Plus they just shut out the first place Dodgers three games in a row (that means the Dodgers did not score a single run in their three game series that ended today) to tie them for first place in the NL West. Do not overlook the SF Giants!
  3. Van Halen "A Different Kind of Truth" -- An amazing return to form for this band after not recording together for 30 years. They nailed it.
  4. Wow, a really well-written review! Great job and thanks for posting. I haven't tried the RA Celestiales Fino but it's one I do hope to pick up soon.
  5. I've really enjoyed the Four Roses Single Barrel I've tried recently. Some are phenomenal while others are just great. One of my local liquor stores (K&L Liquors) gets an exclusive barrel on occasion and their exclusive releases are really tasty bourbons. Just about the best I've had anywhere. I've also always been a fan of Elijah Craig 12yo and 18yo for the past 5-6 years. So here are my top 5: Four Roses K&L Single Barrel OBSK Cask Strength Four Roses K&L Single Barrel OESV Cask Strength Elijah Craig 18yo Elijah Craig 12yo Bookers
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this. Condolences to you and everybody who knew him. RIP.
  7. Very sad news to hear over the weekend. I saw Montrose twice last year and he was rocking out, smiling and sounding better than ever, and playing all the killer old stuff. I had no idea he was battling cancer. I know Montrose did not have as widespread name recognition as he probably deserved, but he really was a hugely influential rock guitarist who paved the way for many of the hard rock bands who rose to fame in the '70s and '80s. RIP Ronnie.
  8. If I had money to bet I would take the Giants and the points easy in this game. The Giants have the most complete team -- strong offense and defense. Just as the Niners had a great defense their offense was too one-dimensional to overcome the Giants. And the Pats have a great offense (when healthy) but their defense isn't anywhere close to the 49ers defense. And the Pats main offensive weapon (Gronkowski) is hobbled! The more I think about this one the more it looks obvious the Giants will be able to handle the Pats.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear this. I've seen Van on various cigar boards for years and traded with him as well. Seemed like a great guy. RIP my friend.
  10. No tolerance. Life is too short to smoke a cigar you can't enjoy. I used to wrestle with these things but the success rate (making a tight draw tolerable) is really pretty small. Not worth the effort. Time to cut your losses and grab another one.
  11. Behikes most likely. Am also interested in the SLR Pacificos.
  12. Tottenham fan here. Lived in London in the early '70s when I was a kid and became a fan. My brother went with Arsenal. Tottenham has been doing quite well the past few years, and look especially good this year.
  13. It's not really arbitrary. When do you ever see a professionally-produced newspaper, magazine, or book with two spaces after a period? You don't, because it is technically incorrect and anything that has been professionally typeset will not have two spaces after a period. Of course in today's world of online publishing and blogs, you will see many people using two spaces simply because they don't know the proper way to typeset a document, although (as one poster pointed out) MS Word and other word processing programs should flag the extra space as an error.
  14. I was taught two spaces in my high-school typing class in the early '80s. After college I went into the publishing business and learned that professional typesetters never used two spaces after a period so I adjusted and have become a stickler about using just one space. With the advent of computers, the two spaces became irrelevant anyway because word processing software automatically adjusts the word spacing making it unnecessary to add the extra space after a period. This is something a typewriter could not do, which is why we were taught to add the extra space in the era of typewriter.
  15. I voted robusto and corona gorda because I find those sizes are plugged/tight less often than other sizes.
  16. I work in the publishing biz, but would probably be a doctor if I could go back and start over.
  17. WOW! Those look amazing. That is a cigar I've never had the opportunity to try. Well, I'm sure I've had the opportunity since I've been smoking CCs since the mid-90s, but I never took advantage of that opportunity. Oh well.
  18. I find that robustos, corona gordas, and figurados (torpedos/pyramids) are the only sizes where you can rely on a good draw most of the time. I've stopped buying thin cigars (panatellas, lonsdales), churchills, and double coronas because so many of them are tight/plugged. I've even found that too many petit coronas and coronas are too tight for my tastes.
  19. Congrats!!! What is your field, if you don't mind me asking?
  20. Excellent! Thank you for getting me in on this. I look forward to playing.

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