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  1. Awesome! I've heard great things about Mojito Dave! Looking forward to it. Now I wish my wife was as on board as I am!
  2. HAHA! I am wise enough to do that! I've had a few friends get all excited and send me photos of "glass boxes" I just say bro don't buy that.... I was in FL with some executives and we were eating at this restaurant. The highest positioned guy I was with was talking about cigars. The owner of the place says here... here is a cuban for you. I asked to see it... The label was horrible and obviously fake. The boss man was like... I can't wait to smoke this... considering he kept calling me by the wrong name all week I should of told him it was fake in front of all the other execs.... but I just let him enjoy his win.
  3. Thanks man! I appreciate it. Frankly I have no idea what to expect as far as prices go since I've never gone to a store that sells Cubans. Are you meaning like 15-30 for avg sticks? and Regionals in the 30-40 USD range?
  4. Good afternoon FOH. Wife and I are going to Cancun (first time to Mexico for me) and I believe the LCDH is like 3 minutes from our resort. I've never been to a LCDH and wondered how the prices are? I hear how great the Mojitos are etc and photos i've seen from a few years ago didn't look horrible for sticks but wondered if anyone has been there lately! Thank you for the insight!
  5. Wondered how this ended up? I'm going to Cancun in 13 days.
  6. That recharging of Boveda packs is the ultimate life hack. I'm on my 3rd recharge of some small ones. Working great so far! More money to spend on sticks!
  7. Was from my 1st or 2nd email address ever and from AOL IM back in the 90's.... # was my basketball # minus the extraneous 4.
  8. Not sure if I ever posted a newbie post or not even though I've been on here for a while! I'm in Central IL. Smack dab in the middle of the worst ran state in the Union! Was in cigars back in college to be cool.... well mostly to be different from the other guys. got out of it while I was married.... got divorced.... got remarried.... (different spouse) and last year on vacation to Croatia had some Cubans and I fell back into the trap of cigars.... Now I love sitting on my deck enjoying a craft beer (I'm a beer snob... teach a class on beer for culinary program) and just listening to music. Hope to be able to contribute some stupid comments to the community!
  9. Not sure which is worse.... wife wondering or the ladies in the office wondering....
  10. HAHAA... Awesome.... It's more the fact she gets the mail before I do....
  11. If I keep it up my next purchase is going to be a Lawyers Retainer for a divorce.... wife is getting suspect....
  12. Ninja V Uni is all over the place here in Central IL. It's good stuff. I have a couple bottles of ZD that a Chicago buddy sent me. Went to Dark Lord Day at 3F this past year.... was a good time even though it was 40 and raining the whole time. Alpha is good stuff too. Their Alpha Klaus Porter is great in the winter. If you ever get the chance def hit up 3F brewpub.... food is damn good and beer is all over the place... plus their distillery should be opening.
  13. Just had it for the first time Tuesday night. Was good. Had it along with Heady Topper. Was glorious IPA night.

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