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  1. Bill Graham Memorial Concert-Laughter, Love and Music Nov 3 1991 300,000 people in Golden Gate Park. Still the largest concert in San Francisco city limits We were about 150' in front of center stage with a big ice chest of beer and were smoking 80rg Nor Cal handrolls all day long! Sactochris was there with me! Look at this lineup!
  2. Why don't they just make more of the current vitolas that are unobtanium already?
  3. I thought P2 like many of you. With last year included I'm 0-6!!!
  4. I do some boring photography for outdoor advertising company as one of my 4 jobs (Realtor, Loan Officer and Loan Processor are the others) . I would have figured out how to be a photographer for Rolling Stone or Playboy!
  5. Looks like an epic adventure! Keep the updates coming!
  6. Illusione , RomaCraft and Warped are usually what I reach for in NCs.
  7. I had one of these last weekend and it was fantastic! Liked it so much more than the Dumas. The Dumas was good for the first third or half and got a bit harsh to the finish. I haven't tried the Leyenda yet, but will soon. I got one of the Linea samplers you put up awhile back. Will any Maltes make an appearance in 24:24 in the near future?
  8. Dont concern yourself with that...it won't be on 24:24 and people do not need to pick them up.....until I have got what I need! JK It's a program by PCC (Rob's wholesaler) where they hold stock for some years and then release them at premium price.
  9. Assuming money is no object. I'll take a MV Agusta F4 and I love the Ford GT. So damn sexy!
  10. I have a box of HQ 2016 from the host that are really good! A little less body than a 2 or 4 but really tasty. Cocoa, toasted tobacco and a little citrus. Excellent!
  11. If I had only bought a bunch of those TOS Dip 2s. Still have half a box I’m holding and got another LGR (same Factory I think) box but they are a notch lower in taste IMO. Nice review!
  12. Star Wars summer of 1977 and I was 7. Stood in a huge line for 3 hours in the heat! I probably went to movies before that but it's the one I remember.
  13. I like most of the PC's and the RG is no exception. Great value and also they are good for friends that dont smoke often. I dont mind handing a mate a $5 stick even if he doesn't finish it. Cocoa,nutty and graham flavors from the box I have currently.
  14. So you're missing my point. If they start to get a taste of something better...they will be motivated to fight for it. So yes the embargo has helped keep them in poverty!
  15. The embargo is probably the only thing that has kept the Castro's in power. As the story said entrepreneurship is dead AGAIN. Let the people see the life on the other side it will change!
  16. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I say give her a shot...I dont think she'll be worse than Lazenby or Dalton!
  17. +1 for the PerfecDraw. It will pay for it self in no time!
  18. Sensor Tags can be monitored remotely. I am at the office and here is my 166 bottle winador at home.
  19. My Wireless Sensor Tags work great. You just need to have a Home Hub to use them.
  20. I have them and they work great. You just have to have some other equipment to run them. You need a wireless hub.
  21. Well for summer....4oz whiskey add big ice cube...done! ; )

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