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  1. Recipe is good...drink looks right but it needs a lemon garnish. This comes from years as a bartender.
  2. 2016 has not been kind to the music fans. Bowie, Haggard and now Prince!
  3. Looks great..congrats Coop! Just curious...what box of cigars is he getting? Or is it a surprise?
  4. Yeah seconds!!! Lol Cuban robustos for less than $6.50 each. I'll take that anytime. Thanks Rob!
  5. How about a 50 cab of Saint Luis Rey Double Corona's. That will cover most of a lifetime and they are really good!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRXrE8i2RiA Black Mountain's new album IV. If you like late 70's rock give it a listen. It's like Sabbath ran into mid era Pink Floyd and had a baby at CBGB's. Great album!
  7. Do we know what the count on the packaging will be? 10's like the Grandioso or 25's like the Bushido? I hope we get 10's. Puts them in my price range!
  8. I had hoped you were going to do a 10 pack sampler 56 EL HQ's you had on the 24:120. I missed the PSP option. I had my first RA Club Allones and loved it! I've had 3 now and it is one the best I've had in a long time. I have a box of RASS coming soon so hopefully that will let me lay the rest of the RACA's down for awhile? Right now they are calling to me like a moth to a flame!
  9. Potato rolls are a must! Toasted! They are really soft and the sandwich will not squish out the sides when you bite it Lots of brisket BBQ sauce that has a balance of sweet and spicy trending toward spicy. In the states we have Stubb's Sweet Heat..perfect! Melted cheese like a nice medium cheddar Caramelized onions Serve with potato salad, slaw and baked beans. Glass of good amber/red ale.
  10. Calling BS on this! Cuban Cohiba's origins trace back to the middle 1960s, when a bodyguard of Fidel Castro shared some of his private supply of cigars made by a local artisan named Eduardo Ribera.[3] These cigars pleased Castro so much that a special production of the unbranded blend, produced under tight security, was made for Castro and other top government officials.[3]
  11. Av 82 No 12 - 41 Telefono: (1) 2367882 Telefax: (1) 5304414
  12. Google says La Cava Del Puro in Bogota
  13. Got a box from Prez a couple weeks ago..I know I'm supposed to wait a month or so but not a chance. They got about a week in my humi and I had to try one. Excellent cigar. My notes are almost identical to yours. Happy I got a RAE box. Nice review!
  14. Triple flame torch! I put a light char the foot then puff while lighting. I was told it helps keep some of the initial burn "off" flavors from traveling through the cigar. Then touch up as needed.
  15. Upmann Connie 1's are the latest to arrive. I have a box of Club Allones in transit.

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