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  1. I hate to say it, but with the pathetic performances the Wallabies have been putting in this year it's probably a good thing you won't be watching. Until they actually play well they don't deserve any interest from the public, other than calling for a coaching change... fire the clown!
  2. I just hope the weather lets up so I can get a chance to smoke/ review.
  3. Remember those Aussie brothers that were dressing up as Arabs and throwing packages at people shouting "Allahu Akbar" and running away... Then one of them got shot doing it? People doing this "It's just a prank bro" shit deserve what they get!
  4. Got my SCDLH El Principe (EML ABR 15) from a recent 24:24.
  5. The song (Pariah) by Lamb of God, and the year I was born.
  6. I have two answers for this... My first cigar that gave me an epiphany was a Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu #5. Beautifully oily, it was the first "decent" (Non-cheap) cigar I smoked, and the first time I discovered (for myself) cigars could have flavours beyond tobacco. The second was a SCDLH El Principe. That was the first time I discovered cigars could have desert style (or sweet) flavours. There were cigars in between those, but those are two that stick out as being eye opening!
  7. Not sure if this counts as I'm about to smoke the cigar in this picture, but it sure is oily!
  8. At home black, but from a cafe I always get a Flat White.
  9. Made them himself did he? Interesting.
  10. I recently watched the "Man with no name" trilogy, some classic Clint. Also Kelly's Heros and The Dirty Dozen were on TV over Christmas.
  11. Just a small one. Two SCdLH El Principe and a PL Sobresalientes2014 UK Regional Edition to put away for a while.
  12. He took a few too many blows to the head in his "Boxing" career!
  13. It has come to my attention that you guys have far too many cigars in your humidors. I think you should send me a few boxes each to ease the strain on your humidification devices
  14. I know these are cheap as, but they are a fantastic smoke.
  15. So long as all you did was take a photo, (and no extra curricular activities took place) should be fine!

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