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  1. If you want to feel old, Milan's twin sons (David and Marek) are 18 years old and eligible for the NHL draft this year. And both will be headed to Harvard to play for the Crimson starting in 2023.
  2. I mean, he lit it up after the trophy presentation was over. He was smoking it during the sit-down post game interview on the court on ESPN. What is with you people? Why is it so necessary to declare this guy a cigar imbecile who is unknowingly smoking glass top Gran Reservas? I don't give a rip about the NBA, his team, or this particular player, but I think it's wonderful that we see someone celebrating a moment like this in a way that folks on this board should appreciate.
  3. It figures the people who must offer opinions on everything would jump to the "it's a fake" conclusion from looking at one single blurry frame. It's clearly a Hoyo DC GR, with the correct band .
  4. Uncle Milton gave us a clarifying insight: Inflation is a form of taxation.
  5. Hmm, a really good 10 year old RA Gigantes can be a borderline religious experience, so I'm not sure that's really wrong...
  6. It's just 39 euro for the shipping. The starting bid is a thousand euro for the lot!
  7. Yeah, I also suspect that once Hard Rock takes over, they may have different plans for that spot that won't involve cigars being on the menu. But at least I can pay the place a last visit before it's gone. Still waiting to see if cigars will be on the menu at Parasol Down when they re-open this month after the remodel. I kind of wondered after they gave Steve Wynn the axe that they might eventually get rid of them there. Wynn was an avid cigar smoker and might have been the only advocate in Wynn management for having cigar-friendly places on their property.
  8. Possibly a necessity? If there is an actual IOS (Apple) app to be downloaded behind this. Remember, Cigar Aficionado used to have a freely available IOS "Where To Smoke" app, but Apple removed it.
  9. There's your hint. It wouldn't. We see how common COVID-19 reinfection is already. Smallpox, measles, polio reinfection was extraordinarily rare. Governments have sold you on the fantasy of eradication. They do it as a justification to blame the Kulaks for their broken promises. "If only those bad people we hate would get vaccinated, this whole thing would be over. It's all their fault!"
  10. Do you think if the answer is as low "one", that it would be a sufficiently small number? Do you think the supposed index case zero in the Wuhan wet market (i.e., a single transmission from a bat or pangolin to human) was a sufficiently small number to prevent a pandemic? You're rationalizing irrational government policies.
  11. Nonsense. We have lots of cross infection cases post case zero. It's infecting a large number of species, including domesticated dogs and cats. It's not going to be eradicated. Maybe it's time to stop supporting government policies that pretend this is possible.
  12. Smallpox and measles had no animal reservoirs at all. They were exclusively human viruses. Polio could infect higher primates only (in addition to humans) but they were essentially no animal reservoirs that could infect humans. That is why eradication was possible with those viruses. There are significant animal reservoirs for SARS-CoV-2. It will never be eradicated.
  13. Yep, had the same with a 2020 Especial No. 2 recently. Have seen it on a few other various sticks over the years. It's rare, but it can happen with Cubans.
  14. Weird, the poll choices have only "thumbs up" answers, with "Tacky as hell" naturally being the highest form of praise.
  15. Pfft, we've been set up. HSA: <deletes almost all the Lonsdales> Me: <frowns> PCC: So what would you say you smoke a lot of? Me: Well, not a lot of Lonsdales anymore. HSA: See, we were right to delete them!
  16. Yep. Wait 'til they find out how many billions of mold spores they inhale every day.
  17. Hint for the voters: There is a whopping great difference if the purchase price was an in-country price for the Regional vs. typical out of country (secondary) price.
  18. When I see an absolutely perfectly aligned band, and it comes off easily without tearing the wrapper leaf....that's when I wonder if I have a fake.
  19. I like the fact that Mr. Cufflink is somehow getting a razor sharp burn without having clipped the cigar yet. That's style!
  20. I had one a few weeks ago from a box I've held since '03. HSA told us the early ELs were intended to be aged. They were right. They are outstanding now. Curious aging profile much like the 2000 Montecristo Robustos. Universally hated early, but transformed into something special after many years. Board-boss quote-debating will be ignored, it's just my (more recent) opinion.
  21. I have been vacuum sealing boxes for long term aging for almost 20 years. I think your method is similar. Over the years, I have found that I prefer to remove a box from vacuum seal about a year before I will smoke them. I find that a box taken out of a long term vacuum seal will go into a sick period for several months after coming out of seal. You are on the right path. Don't let anybody tell you any nonsense about "air circulation" or "you need to let them breathe occasionally". MRN was on to something good.
  22. I needed a third option for BBF: "I used to get it (before 2007 or so) but I don't anymore."
  23. The 2019 text of the bill is here: Appears to essentially be a full repeal of the embargo, despite the typically misleading title. It did not have 100% Dem support in 2019. In a 50-50 Senate, that would be necessary to pass this, of course.

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