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  1. Have not had the new-label Coronas, so I can't say anything about a blend or profile change but I do suspect John S's conclusions are on the money. The old ones were unique, blended supposedly for "the French market" whatever that was intended to mean. You get lightly toasted fresh baked bread and yeasty champagne. Nothing at all like the current 50 and 54. A personal favorite and I am sadly moving through my last box of '16s.
  2. I have the gas fired unit. Less fuss and clean-up. Yes, it is fiddly. There is definitely a technique required due to the rear of the chamber being dramatically hotter than the rest. Have a good turning peel, as you will be constantly swiveling the pie to keep it from burning. As others have said, temp control is paramount. once dialed-in, however, it delivers a great pizza.
  3. 1. Churchill (this seems to be a cigar where Tubos offer a richer experience but both are excellent) 2. Petit Royales. Superb, rich flavors that belie the absurd size. Questionable value proposition 3. Cazadores. More of a "rustic" cigar with loads of power, especially when young 4. PC. Flies under the radar. Surprisingly nice cigar
  4. H. Upmann Half Coronas UBM Dic 18. First two out of the box left me wondering if they were even composed of tobacco. They seem to be a forum fave but the flavor of these was gag-inducing. Appallingly awful.
  5. RyJ Cazadores (MOE Jun 14). Last from a box acquired from FOH in 2016 ($167). Early on, these were a one-trick pony--all impudent, raw power. In later years, the sharp edges were sanded down and, if not overly complex, a rich, deep smoothness and fullness came through. A remarkable transformation for this admittedly old-fashioned cigar.
  6. Unless and until Di replaces Ken as the “pro“, my guess is this has precisely zero chance of happening.
  7. RP--Another vote for HUHC. Doesn't taste even remotely like tobacco. LE--Haven't tried many, so can't comment.
  8. I get it, although I sadly don't have time for them often. The format is classic and allows the blender's skill to show in the form of evolution taking place over the length of the cigar. It was the first CC I ever smoked, decades ago, and so there is that attachment as well. Always get an impression of an earlier era of the Cuban cigar world when I fire one up.
  9. Exactly. You want to be reminded of the special event every time you smoke one. Smoke the Siglo VI to remember the cigar.
  10. With the sea change in where purchasers' coin is going to go from this point, this becomes a timely question.

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