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  1. Drybox Drybox Drybox. I forgot yesterday and my cigar was more pain then pleasure. This young PLPC '19 is on now.
  2. Good luck! I'm sure the first cigar you can have will be great.
  3. These are my dog walking sticks. They age well. I always like to have some on tap.
  4. I've grown to love these. There a great afternoon smoke when there on. To bad if there gone forever, I hope not. Is that really the word on the street?
  5. RyJ Wide Churchill RUM Oct 18'. Switch up cigar not a daily favorite. Brings back memories of smoking this and driving out to Pinar del Rio!
  6. I like the classic boxes better. A cigar box doesn't need to be flashy. The cigars inside just need to be excellent!
  7. Nice article Ken! I'll have to check out Beaujolais I've never had it before. Could this be the best punch you've had or is there a punch that tops it?
  8. H. Upmann no. 2 BRE 18'. I love this box. Classy and enjoyable. It makes wonder how many pre-revolution vitolas are left in the habanos s.a. portfolio currently?
  9. Great review! I have one box of these and there hidden in the back of my humidor for a reason.
  10. 1.Cohiba Coronas Especiales DEC '19 2.HU Sir Winston '19 3.Diplomaticos N. 2 '19 4.Sancho Panza Non-plus '18 5.HdM Petite Robusto '18
  11. A flavor profile that I had to warm up to but I love them now. Sancho Panza Non-plus May '18. Drybox 24 hours and good to go!
  12. Diplomatico Rum & '19 Diplomatico Cigar. Great pairing!
  13. Is one marca or a whole bunch of them? I'd say what @throberto suggested dry box to even out the RH in the cigars and see. Maybe it's placement in the humidor and the head of cigars are getting more RH.
  14. This one hard to say. I've found less plugged cigars overall recently but I've also started to dry box religiously and that number drastically went down afterwards. The amount of times I have to pull out my perfect draw is a lot lower.
  15. Great setup you have there. It really shows you care about organization and cigars. Your custom roll selection is amazing and inspiring. You've been to Cuba many times over. Cheers!
  16. I've had this situation before. Gifting cigars and still not interested. I just left it at that and that was the end of it.
  17. My favorite pairing with cigars if I'm not drinking is a big glass of cold milk / if it's after dinner then add coco powered to it for chocolate milk. If I'm drinking I like aged dark rum. If I'm out of rum then I go whiskey. If the wife is drinking wine and it's on the dryer side then I'll go with that. If it's a super hot day and to switch it up some beers work well it's not my favorite but works. Typically largers, session IPAs, pil's work the best for me. To hoppy IPA the flavors sometimes conflict too much.
  18. With 600 CUC. 1)50 Cab Of Partagas Lusi's 2)Some Farm Rolls with anything left over.
  19. Thanks for the tips! Really insightful I live in the area.
  20. If I was to pick one. The National backyard as well or the Conde Villanueva. I like outside smoke spots the best. I'll say this from all over the best one's I've been to personally been to ~ they are all in Cuba. Nothing comes close. Really the best place to smoke is out in the tobacco fields in Vinales. I'd take that again over any LCDH.
  21. Day 1 (from my collection) Cigar - I just need one last sir winston. Spirit - MaCallan 25 Day 2 Cigar - Dunhill Estupendos - A Unicorn That I Might Never Smoke In My Lifetime Spirit - THE MACALLAN FINE AND RARE 1952
  22. Bonfire's at night have been key. It's been keeping us away from watching to much tv. But all is good here. She has a ample supply of wine and I have stocked up on cigars. I think we'll pull through. I definitely see how in this sort of situation there's two things that happen a new baby boom and more divorce. I'd rather be on the boom side of things. My son might get a new sibling out of this.
  23. Another Vote for Eagle Rare! If I have the time and can find it I buy it in the magnum bottles last I remember it was 60ish US dollars. Kinda hard to find the bigger bottles but well worth it if you can. Best value aged bourbon whiskey I could find. I stopped searching after that for good bourbon. I'm a simple man. I find one I liked and ran with it. I have no need or time to keep searching for the best whiskey it seemed like a game of diminishing returns to me. But that's my personal opinion.
  24. I think a saving grace if your business is fit for it is no month-to-month contracts for services rendered - do a 6-month or 12-month contract. I mean you'll still have push back if they want out but it's not as easy. The event business is dead here for who knows when - IT's already cut my business down by 50%. Thank god I diversified my book of business or I'd be up shit creek without a paddle and tapping into savings. Keeping the lights on and food on the table for my wife and 1 year old son is my number #1 priority.

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